Shopping Help: Fun Flats

One of my favorite things about warmer months is busting out the fun flats!  Mine are usually solid colors, so this spring I might add some patterned flats.  (Flats–a great category to expand in your wardrobe when you’re pregnant!  Or at least, that’s the excuse I tell myself…)
Option 1 (Target) – I love my cherry red flats, and I think these coral ones would be a great alternative. It’s a bright and cheerful shade without being HOT HOT PINK.  Also comes in blue, gold, and a few lighter neutrals.
Option 2 (Target) – If you still need a softer version of pink, try this peachy color.  The studs are a nice touch to make them a bit more special.  They also come in yellow.
Option 3 (Nine West via Amazon) – I also love my yellow flats!  Mine are a bit darker and I often wish they were brighter like this one from Nine West (and the one from Target I talked about in Option 2).  These come in a fun coral, turquoise, and black.  The pleating is a really nice touch for interest in a subtle way, especially great for those who don’t want to be boring but also like minimal detailing.  
Option 4 (Target) – I reallyyyyy think mint flats are hot this season.  At least in my book they are.  This pair is not quite mint…(though this other Target pair is more minty).  But, the pair above is genuine leather which gives them a great texture.  See how I’ve worn my mint flats here!
Option 5 (Old Navy) – D’Orsay flats!  These come in some great neutrals and seem to have decent reviews.  
Option 6 (Target) – I have a pair of cutout wedges that I adore.  The cutout detailing gives them a fresh light feeling that is perfect for spring.  These come in blush and black too.
Option 7 (Gap) – I know not everyone likes snakeskin, but these shoes are so cool!  The splotches of color on the snakeskin texture are sooooo fun, and if you’re gonna dabble in snakeskin, a little bit on the feet in some fantastic colors is the perfect way to do it.
Option 8 (Gap) – Stripes!  The only pair of printed flats I have are leopard print, and for some of my outfits they seem too dark.  These stripes are a great way to add pattern for spring!  Merrick has these and totally rocks them.  They’re on SALE right now and the only reason I’m hesitating is that I often want to run out and buy things Merrick wears and it’s getting embarrassing!  If I didn’t have a blog as living proof of my fangirl-ness I wouldn’t hesitate at all.  But I do…so these flats will be mine as soon as I get over my shame.  🙂
Option 9 (Gap) – Or you could rock a polkadot pair.  Perfectly cheerful for spring, don’t you think?

I have flats in almost every color, so like I said, I’m going for printed and patterned flats this spring.  What are you going for–more colors or some prints?

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