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I know some people who, when they hear the word “floral,” shrink back in hesitation.  For a long time I thought floral wasn’t for me, assuming it was too “girly” or “soft” for me and stuff like that.  But over the years I’ve come to recognize that there are a LOT of different ways to do floral and floral prints range from soft and girly to loud, bold, and edgy.  
Here are a few different types of floral prints.  I may not have labeled them all correctly, but the main point was to illustrate that there are a lot of different ways to do floral.  🙂

There are some floral patterns that use bigger flowers in brighter, bolder colors…what I’m referring to as “tropical.”  I love these because they usually land on the side of bolder rather than more delicate.

Option 1 (ModCloth) – Great sleeveless option that can be worn with a pencil skirt and cardigan or with jeans and shorts of a variety of colors (coral–hello, so cute!) for casual wear.  You can also fancy it up with an a-line skirt.

Option 2 (ModCloth) – Pretty bright tropical tank that would be super fun for vacation or a warm, casual day out and about paired with shorts.  I could also see it dressed up with dark skinny jeans, a white blazer, and killer heels.

Option 3 (Choies) – This one is kind of on the softer side of tropical.  Not even sure if it counts as tropical, but whatever.  Great for an office setting with slacks or tucked into a skirt of any silhouette.  And of course it’d go with jeans and cute strap wedge sandals.

Mixed Media
Another fun way to do florals is with some pattern mixing, like these tops with floral and stripes.  Gives it a slightly quirky feeling without being wacky.

Option 4 (J.Crew Factory) – I love pink and orange/red together, but I’m usually not bold enough to wear them together.  However, this top tempers it with neutral black and white stripes!

Option 5 (Macy’s) – I really like how these stripes look painted on.  And it looks like a pretty soft t-shirt type of material but with nice detailing.  Besides the design itself, it has a pleated neckline to help give it some shape.  Great alternative to a regular cotton tee!

Option 6 (Kohl’s) – Here’s a slightly softer floral print but it’s balanced out with a strong stripe.

These are usually really small floral patterns.

Option 7 (ModCloth) – Another sleeveless option that can be paired with a skirt and cardigan, jeans and sandals, or a blazer and statement heels.

Option 8 (ModCloth) – This print isn’t as small as ditsy print normally is, but similar idea.  The rounded flowers reminded me of typical ditsy prints, just on a slightly larger scale.  Really petty color for spring!

Option 9 (ModCloth) – Here’s a nice neutral option in the floral realm.  These types of tunics are sooooo easy to pair with jeans and colored flats (try red with this top) and look put together.  It’s loose and comfy enough to run errands and still look presentable.

I don’t think I own many water color floral tops, though I think they’re really pretty.

Option 10 (ModCloth) – Very cute peplum top with a great watercolor print!

Option 11 (J.Crew Factory) – This totally doesn’t fit under “watercolor” but I super duper love this tee and wanted to show it anyway.  It’s another top that will take your casual wear up a notch without needing to try hard at all!

Option 12 (Romwe) – Doesn’t this totally look like a painting?  I also like that the design is only at the top.  It’d be great with a navy skirt, jeans, or colored bottoms.  Try mint jeans, coral shorts, or kelly green for starters!  Or keep the bottoms neutral and bring out one of those colors in your shoes.

Which kinds of floral prints feel most “you”?  (Including styles that aren’t on this list!)  

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