Shopping Help: Blazers 101

I’ve received a few questions about blazers, so here’s some help with them!
I personally love blazers because they are a quick way to sharpen an outfit.  Many people think you can only wear blazers if you are a working professional, but that’s totally NOT true!  Of course blazers are great for an office or business look, but you can wear them casually or dress them up for going out, too.  Plus, with so many ponte blazers out there, you can find plenty of options that will serve a casual lifestyle better than one of a working professional.
Here’s a scratching-the-surface look at types of blazers.  Blazer 101 tips are at the bottom!
These are affordable options for the kinds of blazers you’d typically think of wearing to an office.  (But, you can still wear these casually too!)  
Option 1 (Target) – Great, classic, twill oxford blazer, and it comes in 7 colors!  Green, maroon, khaki, black, navy, grey, and flamingo pink.  

Option 2 (Target) – A second option for a classic blazer that comes in navy, black, khaki, and red.  I’m not sure what the difference is between this and Option 1 because I haven’t felt the materials myself, but Option 1 is twill while this one is a basket weave.  I’d imagine the cuts are slightly different too, so if you’re in the market I’d say try both!

These could be more affordable alternatives to the very beautiful J.Crew Classic Schoolboy Blazer.

Option 3 (Target) – Double button option!  According to Stacy and Clinton, double buttons and buttons at a higher stance should help “lock and load the girls” if you spill out of blazers otherwise.

Knit and ponte blazers pretty much feel like sweatshirt blazers!  If you’re someone who’s said, “I don’t need a blazer, I don’t need to be that fancy,” try a ponte blazer.  Some of them can pass for workwear while others look more casual, giving you a great option for having the sharpness of a blazer without looking overdressed in a casual setting.

Option 4 (JCPenney) This is a knit blazer with striped lining.  I love when a blazer has striped lining because it’s a cute little detail when you fold the sleeves back!

Option 5 (Express) – Great option for casual or going out!  Could probably be worn to some more casual offices too.  I love the curved hem at the bottom.

Option 6 (Target) – Ponte blazer that comes in navy and maroon too.  They actually show this with a pencil skirt dressed for a working professional, but don’t be fooled–it should feel like a sweatshirt!


These are patterns on the “safer” side in neutrals–stripes and polka dots.

Option 7 (Old Navy) – Ponte blazer.  A great and affordable alternative to the J.Crew Factory striped blazer!

Option 8 (Target) – I’ve talked about this one before, but I like that this is more grey/black than white/black.  Target shows this with a pencil skirt for working professionals, but you can totally pair it with jeans and a tank for a cute casual look!  And because it’s ponte you shouldn’t seem overdressed in casual settings.

Option 9 – (JCPenney) – Polka dots!  Plus, the shape is really cute.


To change things up, go for a colored blazer.  It can be a bright color like bright pink or cobalt, or a more subtle color which works well in professional settings, like the forest green or maroon options.

Option 10 (Target) – Wear it to work or for a sophisticated, preppy, casual look!  

Option 11 (Kohl’s) – Comes in pink, maroon, dark grey, and black.  This is great for a casual look or going out!

Option 12 (Target) – Same as Option 10 but wanted to show you the maroon.  

Random Blazer Tips
Someone asked where to start if you’re just getting into the world of blazers.
It Doesn’t Have to Be Black
Most would say start with a black blazer, but I would like to respectfully disagree.  Sort of.  I don’t think it’s a bad option at all–I have one–but I’ve found myself using my medium grey and navy blazers more than my black blazer!  Since grey and navy are softer neutrals than black I’ve found it easier to work those colors into a work look as well as casual looks.  
I’d say choose your first blazer based off of the other neutrals in your closet.  (Re: Choosing Wardrobe Colors from the Wardrobe From Scratch Series.  Black very well could be your best choice, but don’t feel like it HAS to be!  Check your closet and see if medium grey, khaki, or navy might be more useful for you.
Determining Cut
Some blazers are cropped, some will hit at your hips, and some will be more of a boyfriend fit and be a little longer.  Also, the way the hemline curves or points or does whatever is important.  Some are curved more than others, some are only slightly curved, and some are pointy at the bottom (which I didn’t show any of).  
I never paid attention to length or the hemline curve and bought a few blazers that I ended up getting rid of because I realized too late that I didn’t like how the hemlines were shaped.  Figure out what you’re looking for and pay attention to those details.
I typically like my blazers to hit at my mid hip, but that’s not necessarily the best for everyone.  It totally depends on your shape!
Blazer Fit
I love this post by Alterations Needed on blazer fit.  Very helpful, so check it out!

If you’ve got stuff to add about blazers, please share it with us!  
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