Shopping Adventures: Target and LOFT Tops, and a LOFT Dress

Hi everyone!  I just got back from my trip and wanted to say a quick hello to review some items I tried lately.  There are a couple I love and a couple that are going back, but that’s the nature of shopping, right?  
blouse: PETITE  |  REGULAR

First up is a purple printed top from LOFT.  I LOVE purple, and particularly this shade of it, but I don’t have many purple items in my closet because for some reason it’s hard for me to find good ones.   This is a good one!  The ruffled sleeves and button details are nice.  This *might* be nursing friendly, depending on how high or low the girls are for you.  *insert emoji of monkey covering mouth*

Even though I’m 5’6″ tops are often too long for me.  I think I have a short torso.  Anyway!  I ordered the petite version just to try, and above is the comparison.  (Plus a very petite little photo bomber.)  I’m wearing SP and S.

The SP is a little more fitted throughout the torso and the shoulders, and it hits mid-hip, where I prefer tops to hit.  The S regular has more room all over, including wider shoulders.  Though I could always hem the regular S, I think I prefer more fitted shoulders.  I have broader shoulders, which means tops with flutter sleeves usually accentuates my shoulders disproportionately, so the narrower shoulders of the petite top work out nicely so that the flutter sleeves don’t stick out as much.

This one is easy with jeans, and I could imagine it with white, grey, or black shorts in the summer.  Also fantastic for work with a skirt or work trousers.  Overall, terrific blouse!  I don’t know that I’d pay full price for it (I got it during a sale) but when LOFT has another sale I’d totally recommend it.

 embroidered tassel blouse: PETITE  |  REGULAR

I told you I was looking for embroidered blouses last week.  I thought these sleeves would be shorter, but noooope.  It’s alright on me.  It’s kind of long, and I don’t love how the rounded shoulders look on me.  It’s nice from the side, though.  A lot of embroidered blouses I tried are billowy and look puffy from the side, but this one remains sleek.  It’s really lightweight, which would be great for summer!

I’m wearing S here.

 v-neck dress: PETITE  |  REGULAR

I’d been eyeing this dress for a while.  Like I said, I love purple.  And soft dresses.  And v-necks for nursing.  All around a win!  I also ordered the coral version.

The material is super thin and lightweight.  I think I would have been mad about that had I a) paid full price, and b) not read a review prior that warned of its thinness.  However, the thinness means it’s nice for summer!  The back has pleats, just like the front, which helps the dress float away from your rear.  That said, I wear slips under all skirts and dresses (THESE from Target), and for lighter colors you would definitely need a slip.

The coral was super pretty and fun, but I ultimately decided I could only keep one color and purple won as I thought I could wear it in more scenarios.  Darn you, practicality!

I’m wearing Medium.

I also saw an embroidered dress that I think is cuuuuuute.  But I saw it after I’d placed my order, plus it’s not on sale right now.  It’d be adorable for summer!

embroidered long sleeve HERE

Next, Target finds.  I loved the idea of this embroidered top, but the colors are pretty bright in person.  I don’t mind that, but it wasn’t what I was looking for.  The material is gauzy, which was not my favorite.  Especially for the price…somehow the gauze made it feel not worth the price.  Maybe that’s just my own weird perceptions, but I returned it.  If I remember correctly, I’m wearing this in XS.

embroidered peasant top HERE
I talked about this one last week, but here it is actually on me.  I THINK IT’S ADORABLE.  But I walked away from it.  And I think about it ALL THE TIME still, wondering if I should give it a second try.  I’m a loser and can’t remember what size this was…either XS or S.
 The price was better than the one above, and it was soft and flowy and comfy.  However, it’s totally see-through, but since I wear camisoles under everything that wasn’t a problem for me.  The problem was that it’s very billowy.  I was worried that wind would blow (ocean breeze over here all the time!) and lift up the shirt entirely.  Even though it’d just show my camisole, it’s still an embarrassing thought.  Like, #wardrobefail.  But if my Target still has it next time I go, I’m actually going to take it home to see if my worry is true.  Because like I said, I THINK IT’S SO CUTE.  
That’s all for now!  
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