Sale Hunting Made Easy with Shoptagr

You guys.  I don’t know if you remember back in February hearing me introduce a service called Shoptagr, but the site has FINALLY launched, and I’m so glad!

Shoptagr is a sale-stalking service that watches specific items for you–in your size and color choice–and emails you when they go on sale.  I sooo should have used this the last month because I was watching sales at LOFT waiting to pounce on some maternity shorts and jeans, and I was worried I was gonna miss it!  Or sometimes some of my favorite items go on sale at Target and I have NO CLUE–how that’s possible with how frequently I’m on Target’s site, I don’t even know.

But with Shoptagr, rather than having to check back over and over again to see when your desired item goes on sale, or rather than missing the deal altogether (boo!), Shoptagr does all that worrying for you and lets you know when it’s on sale.  Plus, it means that you can be the first to know when that thing goes on sale so you can swoop it up before everyone else does!

This helps you save money AND time, and lets you catch deals while freeing up some mental space so you can focus on more important things in life.

How It Works
While you’re shopping on a site you just use Shoptagr‘s +TAG bookmarklet, kinda like Pinterest’s Pin It button, and that item will be added to your Shoptagr sale-watch list.  Once it’s on sale, Shoptagr will email you.  EASY PEASY.

Here’s a peek at my Shoptagr watch list:

The design is really clean and reaaaaalllyyy easy to use.  You literally just click a button to +TAG the item and don’t have to worry about it again.

If you love scoring deals but would rather spend your energy elsewhere, sign up for Shoptagr‘s free service!  It’ll give you a wonderful peace of mind while saving you hard earned moolah!

This post was sponsored by Shoptagr.  As always, all opinions are mine.  For more info on PMT’s sponsorship philosophies see disclosure page.

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