Rosettes No. 2

Striped tee: Target  |  Denim jacket: Forever 21  |  Skirt: thrifted  |  Wedges: Target 
Rosette necklace: c/o Seek First (shop)

You guys are awesome about all the skirt comments from Friday.  I totally forgot that 60% of my skirts are from a consignment / thrift store, like this one! (Also worn here.) My friend found it, and it was so pretty that I was jealously hoping it wouldn’t fit her.  (Same friend that thrifted my denim skirt.)  It didn’t, and before she could blink I swooped in for the kill.  Muahahaha.
And yes, it’s this necklace again!  And no, I’m not just wearing it because of the giveaway.  I promise.  I’m really digging it.  I’d written off rosettes because I typically saw them on “cutesy,” sweet looking girls or hip/trendy girls with cool colored hair…and neither of those felt like me.  But I’m finding that I can make this work too, and it turned out to be the perfect accessory for this outfit.  I’ve had the striped tee + grey pleated skirt combo in mind for a while, but the rosette necklace added just the right touch to give this outfit some personality.  I love this thing!
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