REVIEWS: Floral Tees from Amazon, Awesome Shorts, Totes and White Tassel Necklaces Side-by-Side

Hello, hello!  It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these shopping review posts.  So many of you tell me that these are some of your favorite posts because besides showing you some great finds, they help you to be better shoppers as you hear someone’s thought process about various pieces.  Here are some pieces I’ve been looking at lately!
For sizing reference, I’m 5’6″ with a short torso.  I’m normally size S/M or 6/8 on top and M or 6/8 on bottom. 

Top on LEFT (HERE– size S  //  Top on RIGHT–more below (HERE) – size S
Last week I posted about an old floral print tee that I’ve gotten lots of compliments on and has recently come back with full force.  I listed 8 options of this top in a bunch of different silhouettes from various retailers on Amazon.  (Post is HERE.) 
Even though you could try most/all with free shipping and free returns with Amazon Prime, I wished I’d had first-hand experience with at least one or two of them at the time I posted.  So, later I ended up ordering a couple to try.  And I’m SO glad I did because one of them is terrible!  Haha!
Let’s talk about the one on the LEFT first–the terrible one.  OMG.  It was Option #1 in last week’s post.  If you ordered this one, forgive me!  The print looks nothing like my original tee.  Plus the material feels like that kind of scuba stuff, and there is no drape to the fit.  Overall, definitely NOT what I was hoping for.  Again, please forgive me if you ordered this one!  
As for the one on the right, see below.
Floral Tee (HERE) – size S
This print is the same as my old tee–whew!  The material isn’t as thick as mine, but it is veryyyy soft, though somewhat thin and a bit see-through, at least in this color.  It has a scoop hem on both front and back (or…what’s it called?  Blanking right now!)  But you can see above I tucked it into and it was long enough to fold over and out neatly.  Personally, I felt the S clung to me in ways I didn’t love.  I have yet to try the M, but since the shoulders and chest on the S fit me perfectly I worry the M may be too large in the chest.  
On the left above with the cardigan, I recreated a look that I recently posted on Instagram with my old tee (HERE) so you could see how it functions.  This tee is an ivory base, whereas I think my old tee actually has a peach background.  You can barely tell the difference, but I thought I’d note it.
If you don’t have wider hips to navigate like I do, this might be worth checking out.  I tried this particular brand because someone in the PMT Style Challenge Facebook group has like 3 of these in different colors (is that correct, Rachel? :P) and they looked GREAT on her!  Not great on my hips though.  
Availability is limited, but this tee can be found HERE.  
Another REALLY good option is from ModCloth HERE and is available in most sizes from XS-4X. It is more expensive than the Amazon options, and reviews seem mixed, so proceed with wisdom and read reviews!
I actually want this same top in a simpler silhouette like above, so I’m going to continue searching.  The one I have has a LOT of material and billows in the wind–yikes!  It’s also very difficult to pair it with a wide range of skirts because there is too much material in the back.  

Chambray Shorts (HERE– size 6
I featured these on Instagram a few weeks ago HERE but thought I’d do a formal review plus show them ON a person.

Let’s start off by telling you how much I LOATHE shorts.  If you’re not in that boat, then these aren’t going to be the gem of the find they are for me.  But, if you have a lifelong war with shorts, TRY THESE!

These are chambray, so they are lighter weight and more flexible than denim tends to be for me.  They’re also slightly nicer.  I wouldn’t replace denim shorts with these because I like the look of cuffed or distressed denim shorts.  But, these are very comfortable so I couldn’t not keep them!

Most importantly, the wide leg opening is kind to my bigger thighs!  And that is the majority of my lifelong war with shorts.  Well, they’re either too short, or the leg opening isn’t wide enough–and it’s usually both problems at once.

I typically prefer 4″ seams, or 5″ with them rolled up once to be 4″.  But here I’m wearing a 3″ seam, which I normally avoid like the plague.  Once in a while, a 3″ seam surprises me and doesn’t fit like a 3″ seam, and that’s the case for me with these shorts.  Others commented the same on Instagram and Facebook when I posted the flat lay photo a couple weeks ago.  However, there is a 5″ version of these shorts HERE.

My one con would be that they wrinkle sort of easily.  Like, you can see it above after just a few hours of wearing.  I often don’t like compromising much on clothing purchases, but considering how much I HATE shorts, I’ll deal with some wrinkles to be comfortable in the summer.

I’m wearing size 6, and they are roomy on me.  However, I think wearing a size 4 would be quite tight everywhere–on the rear and legs, and I think it would cause the 3″ to really feel like 3″.  No thanks!  Size 6 is perfect.

Oh, and they’re $19.99!  See them here:  3″ seam (HERE)  //  5″ seam (HERE)

Leopard Print Wedges (HERE)  //  Other solid colors HERE – size 8.5
I want leopard print sandals exactly like these SO badly, but I want flats.  Even though these are wedges, not flats, and they are super expensive, I ordered them to try because Amanda from the PMT Style Challenge Facebook group has been rocking them.  Plus, they are UGG which I am 100% behind when it comes to their wedge sandals.  I’ve sung the praises of how comfortable UGG wedge sandals are multiple times in the past.

These did not disappoint!  Comfortable as expected.  Like, SO comfy, you guys.  And freaking adorable!  Yet, as much as I LOVE them and as cute as they are with that black dress above, I’m on the fence about them, leaning towards returning.  Though the wedge is very mild and very easy to walk in, I originally wanted leopard print flat sandals to wear very casually with shorts and a tee.  When I imagine wearing these wedges with shorts, I just know I’d feel too dressed up and ultimately never really wear them.  For how expensive they are, that didn’t feel worth it.  I want to wear them with dresses also, but I can only wear these with solid dresses, of which I have few for the summer.

However, they come in several solid colors at various price points HERE.  I’m considering the Suntan and will think through my different dresses.  I also need to determine whether they’d be different enough from other tan wedges and lighter colored shoes I have.  If not, then I don’t need them, no matter how comfy or cute they are!

But, if you’re interested in a cute and versatile wedge, try these in Suntan (HERE)!  I’m normally size 8.5 to 9, almost always size 8.5 in UGG, and these fit me well in 8.5.

Cold Shoulder Top (HERE) – size M
This top looked really cute on a couple people in the PMT Style Challenge FB group, and since I’m now sort of on board with the cold shoulder trend, this looked like a cute option.  I especially loved that it was a super soft t-shirt material, which would look good for casual things.

As cute as this looked on others, I felt it didn’t work with my wider hips.  It’s not that noticeable in this picture, and I wish I could have captured the problem better.  Perhaps a large would have been even better, but I don’t think I love or need it enough to go through the trouble of trying it, haha!  Again, it was so cute on others, so if hips aren’t a problem for you, check this out!  It is sooo soft and would be really cute and stylish in the summer with white or navy shorts.

Note the back is open.  It folds over, but with movement and without a camisole underneath, some of your lower back and possibly the middle of your back will show.  Beware!

Tops (HERE) – size S
I already remixed the red one earlier this week (post is HERE), but here is the black one as well.  I went back and forth between red or black for Wednesday’s remix post.  Ultimately I went with red because I don’t have others like it in my closet.  So cute!

As for the black one, I’m still on the fence.  It is totally cute, and I have several styling ideas with it that made it very difficult to choose between this and the red one.  I’m just wondering if it fills a need in my closet.  I’m totally about having multiples of good items in my closet.  The more important part is figuring out if each has a specific PLACE or ROLE in my closet that would cause me to want to wear it as much as other tops.  Would I always hesitate with this one and opt for the red one or another similar printed top that I already own?  Typically I hang onto items like that for a little longer and see if I’m inclined to reach for them or see if I can usually talk myself out of it and wear something else.  If the latter, I reallyyyyy know I don’t need to keep it around.

If I decide to return the black one, before I do, I’ll take some mirror selfies of the styling ideas I had for it!

Reversible Totes (HERE)

If you follow me on Instastories you may have seen me talk about these two totes.  I’ve talked about the cognac/black tote (bag on the right) as one of my must-have closet staples.  I had mine for 2.5 years and it started to tear, so recently I bought a replacement, which is the one on the right above.

The updated version is even more durable than my previous one.  That is great news!  However, the color is not as vibrant as my old one was, and when I finally realized it, I was like, “Ahhhh, am I okay with that?”

I then saw the same tote in lighter tan (bag on the left above)…or maybe someone on Instastories told me about it?  Can’t remember.  Anyway, I ordered that one to see, and here they are side by side.

Honestly, I can’t choose between them.

The updated cognac one has not bothered me as much as I thought it would.  I only got bummed about it when I put it directly next to my old cognac bag.  Otherwise, I don’t think I would have even noticed.

I really like the color of the tan one, but it’s not saturated and vibrant either.  It’s almost unnoticeable or doesn’t really stand out in my outfits.  I don’t know.  Visually, I can’t really describe it and you all probably think I’m crazy.  But when I’m holding it in person, I just feel like no one would ever notice my tote, whereas with the cognac one people complimented it all the time.  What I’m feeling might be more of an intuitive sense rather than something that you can actually see from pictures.  Because in the pictures, I actually like the tan one better!

I *could* just reverse the tan one because it’s cognac inside, but I kinda don’t like how the tote looks reversed in general.

Anyway,  I think both are fine choice!  And I’m annoyed with myself that it’s taking me so long to make a decision, haha!

Necklace on Left (HERE)  // Necklace on Right (HERE)
Lastly, the necklace on the left was one I’ve had for about a year(?) and announced was back in stock earlier this week.  Well, it’s out of stock again!

The one on the right is from Etsy, and I wanted to compared them.  First though…fun fact is that the one on the right is made by someone I follow on Instagram, but I had no idea that she was the one behind the shop for this necklace!

The Nordstrom one is slightly bigger and makes more of an impact, IMO.  But the Etsy one is similar and does the job.

If you’re wondering why I have both, it’s because I lost the Nordstrom one for a few weeks, and I seriously mean it when I say I don’t think I can live without this.  Okay, maybe exaggerating.  But I really, really missed it during the weeks I didn’t have it–including at the rewardStyle conference–and wanted to wear it in soooo many outfits but couldn’t.  In that time, I ordered the Etsy one since the Nordstrom one was sold out.  Later, I found my Nordstrom one, and now I have two!

Alright, that’s all for this week.  Have a great weekend!

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