REVIEWS: Dresses, Tops, and a Utility Jacket & NSale Ends Sunday!

Happy weekend, everyone!  Quick reminder, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale ends on Sunday!  Prices will go up on August 8th, so if there’s anything you’ve been thinking of, get it before Sunday ends!  Here are all my posts with recommendations and reviews:

And here are a few pieces I checked out that are from Nordstrom (not NSale pieces), Old Navy, and Target.  

For reference, I’m 5’6″ with a shorter torso.  Usually size S/M or 6/8.  

Embroidered Top – Small
Every time I look through tops online at Nordstrom I do a double take on this top.  I saw it on the sale rack and ended up really liking it.  The back is a thinner t-shirt material while the front is a little thicker and more textured material.  The front is not see-through, while the back sort of shows the impressions of your bra if you bend over.  Not a huge deal though.

I don’t think I’ll be able to mix and match it with many things in my wardrobe besides regular blue jeans and denim shorts.  It could work with red bottoms which I don’t own, but it might work with maroon or grey too.  Regardless, I’m content to let it be an easy piece I throw on with jeans and again with more jeans!

It’s available in all sizes and on sale HERE.  Plus sizes available HERE but at full price.

White Eyelet Dress – Small
I saw this on the sale rack too and thought, “Why not?”  Given it’s a sheath dress which is a little more fitted esp at the hips, I didn’t think the size S would fit me, but I gave it a try anyway.  Turns out it fit, but it also turns out that I still don’t like sheath dresses like this on me, haha.  I think it’s incredibly cute, but I knew I didn’t need it and trying it on was 99.9% just for fun, not actually to buy it.  My guess is it would be better if your frame is less curvy.

It is fully lined and the material is sturdy and thick.  Great piece!  It can be found in petite sizes as well as in a red version HERE.

Military Jacket – Small
I’ve read that people thought this jacket was really soft, and seeing as how the super duper soft utility jacket from the NSale sold out insanely quickly (THIS one), I wanted to check out this one for anyone still in the market.  This was fairly soft but also felt kind of stiff to me.  It’s hard to compare it to the one from the NSale because that one is so so so soft and drapey.  I didn’t feel like I could wear this one all day comfortably.  However, that could have been because I needed a Medium.  It felt tight in my shoulders, and it felt like I wouldn’t have been able to wear button up shirts underneath it.  Yet, the material was also thicker and more structured which I usually find more difficult to wear all day.

It has quite a few stitching details that gives it a “tougher” look.  Whether you like that or not is the question!  I think it’s cute, but if you want a simpler one there is one by Caslon HERE.  Both of these jackets are currently on sale (not part of the NSale).  There are also 3 at Target, but I don’t think they are as soft, HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Old Navy Button Up Dress – Small
I got this dress in white a while back, but I got it in Medium and should have gotten S.  At the time I was convinced the material would shrink, except it didn’t.  Normally that’s great news, but in this case which it left me with a white dress that’s slightly roomy.  Doh!  I still like the white version, but the black deserves the praise hands emoji!  Especially in the right size, haha!

This is 100% cotton and is fully lined.  I wouldn’t say it’s super lightweight and airy because it has a pretty solid lining, but I don’t feel suffocated in it either.  I don’t know how to explain it.  That said, if I needed to look pulled together on a hot and humid day I would throw this on in a heartbeat.  It’s sooo easy to wear and look good.  And it’s nursing friendly, people!  I wish I had this when I was nursing Addie through out the horrible heat 2 summers ago.  Ugh.

I’m normally S/M in tops and dresses, and I sized down on this one.  I have a smaller chest and Small fits me just right.  If your chest is proportionately larger you might want to consider sizing up.  It’s also available in tan/khaki and tall and petite HERE.

Knit Ponte Blazer – Small
I wanted to love this, but I won’t be keeping it.  It has a lot of positive aspects, but the negative aspects are deal breakers for me.  We’ll start with the pros.  It’s a knit ponte, so the material is flexible and very easy to wear.  It’s not as soft or sweatshirt-like as the Caslon blazers (THESE–not NSale, but currently on sale and in stock), but still comfortable.  The material is pretty thick and weightier, which is great.  It also has some texture that you can see better on the product page if you zoom in HERE.  The texture makes it look sophisticated which is helpful since knit pontes tend to be more casual.

The cons:  Fit–it’s a little roomy around my bust.  That’s particular to me and might not apply to others.  The other con is that the bottom hem doesn’t hold structure as well.  You can see it curling up a bit as well as folding inward on one side.  I wouldn’t mind if I planned to wear this more casually, but because of the textured material and other features of the blazer, I would want and expect to use this for a more professional look.  A curling hem wouldn’t look as polished as I’d want.  Maybe it’s just the one I received because it looks crisp on the model.  But I steamed and steamed and steamed it and no matter what it curled.  Too bad though, because I LOVEEEE this color for blazers!

It’s available in navy, black, and a beautiful red (HERE) if anyone wants to try their luck.

Striped Dress – showing S and M
People have asked where they can find a striped t-shirt dress like the one I was wearing on Insta HERE.  I bought mine a couple years ago when I was pregnant and looking for “normal” dresses that would work as maternity dresses.  Ironically, there is a striped maternity dress that is currently available that could and should pass as a “normal” dress.  I saw it on Leanne HERE and investigated the dress as an option for yall.

If you want a striped t-shirt dress, DO NOT hesitate to get this just because it’s a maternity dress!  Get it!  It’s exactly like a normal dress.  Usually maternity dresses are longer in the front to accommodate for a big bump, but this one is not at all.  There’s absolutely no reason it shouldn’t be a normal dress.

Above I showed Small and Medium.  I wish there were a size small-and-a-half.  Medium is a little too big and drapey for me, but more significantly it’s a tad too long.  Small works, but I’d love a *bit* more room around my hips.  These do not shrink upon washing and laying flat to dry.

That’s all I’ve got!  Remember the NSale ends on Sunday!  Shop it HERE.

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