REVIEWS: Amazon Finds for Winter

Let’s do some reviews today! Anyone else get hit with ads on Facebook full of Amazon items? I sure do, and I decided to check some of them out in hopes of finding some gems for you all. So, here we are! 😂

SIZING: I’m 5’6″ and usually S/M or 6 in clothes and 8.5 to 9 in shoes.


Amazon Sherpa Lined Water Resistant Jacket – size L (though M fits with less bulky things underneath)
I’ve shared this jacket before in the olive green color, but it’s great and needs to be shared again! I like it so much that I recently got it in black as well. This is water resistant and lined with sherpa so it’s warm AND works in the rain. Very COZY! It also has a hood that is lined with sherpa, and the pockets are lined with sherpa, which keeps your hands toasty!

The color in the very first picture is not very accurate, while the close up in the second picture is.

For sizing, when I got it in olive last year, I got size M. But I realized I wanted to be able to fit it over a sweater AND a fleece zip-up, so this time I sized up to L. While size M fits fine with a thinner sweater, and it does look a bit more formfitting, I have really liked the extra room that size L provides. If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can order two sizes to find your best fit and use free return shipping to return the other size. It comes in 4 colors and 1 print, HERE.


Fleece Lined Jeans Brand #1 
FLEECE LINED JEANS? Our daughters have cozy fleece lined pants, and I’m always jealous of them, so I HAD to try some fleece lined jeans. I tried two different brands. And though I love the idea of fleece lined jeans, the reality is that I’m picky about how my denim fits and feels, so I’m still on the fence and need to take a bit more time to think through whether or not I will keep anything. Until then, I will at least review them for you in case you’re interested!

The first brand that I’m wearing above is FCYMOV. (The names of these brands at Amazon sometimes. 😂)

The lining is thick, almost like sherpa. It’s VERY soft and very cozy. These high-rise jeans are very stretchy. So, all in all, they’re super comfortable! However, these are a skinny cut but the part around the ankles is not that fitted, which makes them less than ideal for me to wear with certain winter shoes. (See my post on How to Wear Booties With Different Cuts of Jeans.) I also have no idea if they will stretch out with wear, so if you try these jeans, definitely wear them for a bit around the house to see if they stretch and sag. If they do, size down and try again.

Overall, they feel comfy and cozy, which is the main selling point. Plus, they are super affordable at under $39 and have great reviews. But like I said, personally, I don’t love the part around the ankles. But if you aren’t as picky about the ankle portion and you’re interested in testing them out for yourself, these come in 8 washes and in sizes 2 through 20. I’m wearing size 6 in the color “#1_navy(hot Fleece)”. Check them out HERE.

(Also, yes, I know my white sneakers are looking rough and it’s time to replace them! Working on it. 😆🙈) 


Fleece Lined Jeans Brand #2
The second brand of fleece lined jeans I tried is heipeiwa. These feel very much like the first pair in the sense of the lining being very thick and almost like sherpa and being super SOFT, COZY, stretchy, and COMFY!

The main difference is that the ankle portion on these is much more fitted, which will work more easily with booties. However, one thing to watch out for is that because of the fleece lining, they might look strange if you cuff towards the outside and expose the fleece lining. Or, it could be a cozy look–up to you! Also, because they are thicker, cuffing them inward creates a line near the bottom, which you can see a bit in the pic above with booties. That might be a dealbreaker for some of you while for others of you it might be totally unimportant compared to having SUPER WARM JEANS 😄, but just wanted to note it for those who care. They are pretty affordable, ranging between $38-$45. These come in 41 washes (!!), including some colors like olive and maroon, and in sizes XS to 5X. I’m wearing size M. Find them HERE.


Cable Front Crop Sweater – size M
This sweater has a slightly more modern cut as it’s a bit cropped with drop shoulders. The neckline is a bit wider, too. Overall, there’s nothing that notable about how it feels. Like, it’s not notably lightweight but it’s not annoyingly heavy either. It’s just a pretty solid sweater that’s cute and stylish, and it adds visual interest with its crop cut and cable texture. It comes in 5 colors and in sizes XXS to 5X, HERE!


Relaxed Sweater – size S
This sweater looked cute on the model and has great reviews. And while it’s a good sweater, I could not get it to look like how it’s shown on the product site, tucked into jeans, because of the slits on the side. You CAN tuck it if you tuck it in quite a bit, and all the way around, but that is typically not my style. However, if I get that expectation out of my mind, I can say this sweater does have some really good qualities!

It’s really soft and hangs well. The material is a heavier weight, though it doesn’t weigh you down. It just feels substantial rather than light and airy. It’s comfy! It feels almost like a mix between a sweater and a sweatshirt, though it’s definitely a sweater. The sleeves have a bit more volume thanks to the fitted wrists, and that adds a nice detail. While I wouldn’t be able to wear it with jeans, it DOES work well with leggings. It has a lot of room the torso and it’s on the longer side, so it hangs nicely over leggings. It’s currently under $28 with a special sale going on! It comes in 24 colors, including some prints, HERE. I wear size S.


Plaid Blazer – size M but need size S
This blazer doesn’t fit me well, but it’s a good piece and might fit others of you better so here’s my review! This blazer is THICK with lining. I don’t know if the solid colors are also thick, but the plaid one is. It’s a good weight for colder weather. It has a crisp look with very straight and sharp corners at the bottom.

The blazer is very long, which is very “in” right now, but it can be difficult to pull off and not for everyone. (Which is fine–stick to classic blazers instead, then. They’re always in!) I’m also trying size M but need size S, so the shoulders don’t fit, and in general it’s all too big. However, I don’t believe sizing down would have given me a better fit as the shoulders became tight in size M when I moved around. So in general, it’s just not the right cut for me. However, if you have narrower shoulders, this might be something to try. It comes in 9 solid colors and this plaid print and sizes XXS to 5X, HERE.


Hooded Sweatshirt – size M
This sporty sweatshirt is really cute with a modern, somewhat cropped silhouette. It has a front pocket, zip up neckline, and a hood. It also has thumbholes, though they are a little short for me to wear comfortably. The sweatshirt is thick and has a fleece lining, and you can zip the neck all the way up to keep you a warmer! I like that it’s sporty but still has a polished vibe, and it’s COZY! I’m not totally sure if I need it in my wardrobe, but overall it’s great piece to step up your athleisure outfits with leggings or joggers! You could pair it with jeans as well. And, it’s under $38! It comes in 7 colors, HERE! I’m wearing size M.

Ignore the black strings on the zipper–it’s from the tag, which I placed inside as it is enormous and red and would have blocked you from seeing the sweatshirt adequately.😆


Joggers – size M
These joggers are really sporty, so they’re great for athleisure looks and light activity. They have a pretty high rise and are thin and lightweight, made of super STRETCHY material. Really, really comfortable. They feel almost like leggings in the shape of joggers. So, if you like the idea of leggings but would rather have them in jogger form, these would be great to try! They’re available in 19 colors, HERE. I’m wearing size M in the color Wine.


Polka Dot Blouse – size S
A black and white printed blouse is a great workwear staple to have, plus you can dress it down in elevated casual outfits with jeans or with corduroys like I’m doing here. This blouse is lightweight and easy to wear. It has a slightly wider (bateau) neckline and works pretty well in a loose front tuck. I tucked the back as well since it’s pretty long. (Shout out to the PMT Style Club members who were in the Q&A about trying to tuck long tops and not having a “tail.” 😂) Overall, great piece to have that is versatile and can be worn to work or worn in nicer casual outfits! It comes in 7 prints and sizes XS to XXL, HERE.

Also, if you’re interested in the rest of the outfit, my pants are from HERE. They are corduroy and stretchy. I’m wearing size 28/6 in Bright Brown. They are $9.97 on final sale right now!!! My boots are HERE. They have a high and narrow shaft that works well under a lot of pairs of straight leg pants. I wear those in size 9.

That’s it for reviews for today!

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