REVIEW: Old Navy Dresses + 40% Off Online until TODAY!

Psssst!  Old Navy is having a 40% off sale ONLINE ONLY that ENDS TODAY! (11:59p ET, which means 8:59p PST–watch out for that.  Being on the west coast that always messes me up!)

People have asked why I haven’t been linking to Old Navy as much lately.  Honestly?  The quality has been frustrating.  Items shrink or they’re super thin or don’t drape well.  I’d rather just pay $10 more for a better garment.  I know that’s not what you want to hear, and as an Old Navy lover, it’s not what I want to be saying!  So before you slap me for saying that, there ARE some decent quality pieces there, but they’re usually pieces I don’t need and am not personally shopping for, like jeans, blazers, plaid shirts, and jersey dresses.  I’ve got enough of those in my closet, but I feel that those kinds of pieces tend to be better at Old Navy than many of their 100% rayon tops.  Anyway, those two reasons are why I haven’t linked there much.  I would if I found fantastic pieces!  
This week I checked out some fall dresses in store, so I thought I’d review them as well as highlight a few pieces online that seem fairly good.  Plus stuff is on major sale!  Here are pieces in my cart, and below are selfies of me in the dressing room reviewing some dresses.  
Almost ALL of these come in multiple colors or prints, so if you like the shape of it, click through to check out more colors!
Links to Shop:
one  |  two  |  three
four  |  five  |  six
seven  |  eight  |  nine  |  ten
First of all, all the dresses I’m about to review are too short, so I ordered the Tall versions online to see how they’ll work out.  I’m not hopeful, but it’s worth a shot!

Long Sleeve Printed Dress – size S for black and M for white
What’s weird about these is that though they are the same dress, the white has a very thin layer of lining while the black does not.  
The bust is fairly loose, even in Small.  Medium’s definitely too big.  I am worried about this material shrinking in the wash, so I actually ordered a Medium Tall and a Small Tall in case they shrink.  That might work to help the top half being loose, but for fear of shrinking too much I wouldn’t size down to XS.  
Though the sizing is weird, there’s no lining in the black dress, and I fear them shrinking (gahhhhh these are the reasons I seldom link to Old Navy anymore!) I REALLY want this dress to work.  Especially in black.  I already have outfits in my head with my white puffy vest (which is also available again this season, on sale, and one of my favorite fall items from last year–see below), a solid colored crew neck sweater, or my maroon or tan sweater cardigans.  I’m crossing my fingers so hard that this ends up working!  
Short Sleeve Dress – size S
The bust is also big for this one, but not as bad as the last dress.  I think it could be really cute if it were longer on me, and maybe if the top half was taken in.  (Or if my chest grew haha!)  I didn’t order this one online though because the tall is only available in the maroon print.  That print is actually veryyyy cute, but it’s not what I’m looking for!

Puffer Vest – size S
I got this last year in white and navy, and looooooooove them!  I’m so glad they’re back this year!  They have fleece lined pockets.  And they are puffy without being bulky.  They really flatter curves!

This pic above was from the dressing room last year.  This is available in black, navy, olive, and red online (and 40% off) and were available in white at my local store (but in-store isn’t advertising the 40% off right now).  Currently only $18 with the 40% online sale but feels way more substantial than that.

Also, THIS top was a favorite through out the summer by many, many people and it’s currently on sale for under $9!  Lastly, the white sleeveless dress above (Option 10) is only $12!  I know some of you have fall weather, but it’s in the 80s here!  If it gets to the low 70s or high 60s you could wear that dress with a denim jacket or utility jacket and ankle boots!

If you’ve gotten really good Old Navy pieces recently, please let us know in the comments!

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