REVIEW: LOFT Pieces + Nordstrom Riding Boots

It feels like forever since I stepped into a mall (Old Navy doesn’t count), but I was finally at one running an errand and got to poke my head into LOFT.  I’d been eyeing some LOFT items online, so I figured I’d go in and see if they had what I was looking for.

Spoiler alert: I actually left the store empty, which I’ll explain why for each piece.  BUT, I felt like there were some great pieces that were still worth mentioning.

For reference, I’m 5’6″ with a short torso, normally size S/M on top and 6/8 on bottom.  

Marled Hi Lo Sweater – Size M
First up is this sweater.  The one that actually caught my eye was the lighter grey (Grey Space Dye), but here I’m trying dark grey (Midnight Slate) because that’s all that was in store.

This sweater has fantastic reviews online–98 reviews with 4.5 stars!  (See HERE.)  It’s a medium weight knit made o 100% cotton.  I thought it draped really nicely, and I liked the slightly lower back and shorter front.  The shorter front would allow you to layer stuff underneath to have a peek of pattern show through, whether it’s a striped tee or a plaid or gingham button up.

I preferred how the Medium fit over the Small because it was a looser and more relaxed.

One thing I didn’t like was in the side view you can see near my stomach that the sweater pooches out a little, which I believe is from a slight gathering in the material.  I kept thinking that my baby belly was making a comeback, but to my relief, it was the sweater itself.    I think if I had a fuller chest to balance out the whole garment or if I had a longer torso the gathering wouldn’t be a problem.  

It seems like it’s not a problem for others because it has such high reviews.  How unfortunate for me, because it is REALLY cute!  And right now it’s a REALLY good price!

It comes in 6 different colors: beige, dark grey, light grey, teal, maroon, what they call “deep pink nude” which I think is a really, really pretty color.  The light grey and teal are currently $21 with extra sales!

Had this worked for me, it would have been my go-to sweater of the season!

Utility Blouse – size S
In the summer I wrote a post on solid colored blouses that are the shape of t-shirts, but are dressier than t-shirt material.  (Find it HERE.)  I gave 5 reasons why they’re awesome.  After that, someone asked me what the cooler weather equivalent would be, and for me it would be a utility blouse like this one!

These can be dressed up or down, which is right in my sweet spot.  I could throw this on top of jeans with flats and feel casual but chic, or I could dress it up slightly with heels, or pair it with a skirt to take it up a few notches.  Utility blouses are wonderful, and I’m trying to fill my closet with a few more.

This one from LOFT is beautiful, and I loooooove this green shade!  Small fit me perfectly, and I even liked it buttoned all the way up, which I’m usually not fond of on me.  Overall, I loved it, but I’m still on the fence because I’m waiting to try on a similar one I ordered from Nordstrom.  HOWEVER, I saw online that LOFT also has this in a light aqua (HERE) which is sooooo pretty, so I might just have to see how that fares!

Other similar blouses at LOFT (They have sooo stinking many.  This is just a few.)

one  |  two  |  three  |  four
#1 has cool ladder lace stitching
#2 has polka dots!
#3 has interesting paneling on the sleeve
#4 – floral print

Super Skinny Jeans – 28/6 Petite (*wrong link was up, fixed now)
In the summer I found a replacement pair of medium wash skinny jeans (see HERE), but I’m still looking for a dark wash replacement.  I was hoping to find the Denim Leggings (HERE) that I’ve seen on a few bloggers but it wasn’t in store.  Instead, I tried this pair of Curvy Super Skinny jeans in petite.  Petite at LOFT is often a 28″ seam and hits me right at the top of my ankles.  
Anyway, the fitting of the leg was pretty good, but the rear and waist of the curvy fit was alllllright–too roomy for me, but these would be great for anyone who normally wears curvy fit but wants a more fitted leg.  Had the Modern Skinny been in store for me to try, I think that would have been good as usual.  Other than that, I love the super skinny fit!  I usually stay away from “super skinny” stuff because it doesn’t work for me, but in this case it does.  

Boot Cut Jeans – size 28/6
People are talking a lot about flares making a comeback, and for me, I’m down with that depending on the amount of flare.  I actually prefer my old pair of trouser jeans (HERE).  Unfortunately, I was in my early 20s when I bought them and being young and not knowing what I was looking for, I didn’t pay much attention to the whiskering at the hips, which isn’t all that flattering on me with shorter tops.  Also, there’s NO stretch to them, so after giving birth these are not my friend anymore.  Sad, sad, sad.
I’m trying to replace my trouser jeans, but I don’t want huge flares because I don’t know how long the flare thing will last.  Also, when jeans are flared a lot at the bottom, it only accentuates my wider hips.  BUT, I’m confident I can find a boot cut or slightly flared pair of jeans that works with my hips and that will last as “classic” once the flare trend is over.
I mostly tried these on for research, as I have 5 pairs I want to try–this LOFT pair, a pair of Paige denim HERE,  a Wit & Wisdom bootcut HERE, a Lucky Boot Cut HERE, and a Free People flare HERE, though that one looks like the flares are huge.  
This bootcut denim from LOFT is a great contender!  I like that it’s not enormously flared at the bottom.  But, I don’t like how the material bunches at the crotch.  I tend to have that problem with pants and on some level it’s inevitable for me.  (Sometimes for me the extra material is due to the rise being too high, there being too much material at the waist, and sometimes due to how having scoliosis affected shifted my pelvic bone, which I can’t change.) But I at least want to try the other pairs I listed to see how they fit.
If anyone is looking for a simple boot cut that is sleek and timeless, I think this is a really great option!  Also comes in petite.  

I’ve got a few ModCloth and Nordstrom items to review, but they’ll have to wait until next time!  Also, in light of the Nordstrom fall sale (see HERE) these are a couple of items I’m considering ordering:

  • Vince Camuto Riding Boot – Maybe my tan riding boot replacement?  Finally?  Currently 35% off which puts it right in m price range for riding boots.  It has a 14 3/4″ shaft with a 14 1/2″ circumference.  I’ve been looking for a boot with measurements between 14-15, so I’m hopeful in these!
  • Cargo jacket with knit sleeves! – Maybe in black, to differentiate it from my current cargo jacket.  I looove when things have sweatshirt sleeves, but have yet to own one.  And it’s 55% off, just under $37!
Before I really consider the jacket, I need to look through my budget and see how it’s doing though. *insert monkey covering eye emoji* 
Have a great weekend!
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