Relaxed & Thanksgiving Traditions

Even though this look is really simple, it feels a little foreign and new to me, and I really liked it!  One of the reasons I wanted one of these sweatshirt thingies* is because it’s a chic way to wear a sweatshirt.  Talk about comfy!  I loved pairing it with a maxi dress–my other key ingredient for comfort–for a relaxed look that wasn’t schlumpy.  I ran errands all day in it and even considered wearing it again for Thanksgiving since the looseness would be prime for endless eating.  (Though, I decided to wear something else.)  In our family, Thanksgiving is not about dressing up and looking nice.  It’s about eating as much food as possible and lounging around in food comas while we laugh at our drunk uncles (aka “drunkles”).  What do you look forward to most about Thanksgiving family time?  (Or other traditions, if you don’t gather with family.)  
Top  //  Target (similar: one, twothree, four)
Skirt  //  c/o Sway Chic (similar: one, two, three)
Booties  //  Target (similar: one, two, three)
*I keep calling it a “sweatshirt thingy.”  What is it really called?

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