REGISTRATION OPEN: Spring 2019 Challenge – the LAST Challenge!

Spring 2019 Challenge Registration Open

Spring 2019 Challenge Registration Open

Registration is NOW OPEN for the PMT Spring 2019 Challenge!  Do you wanna become a pro at mixing and matching, grow your style, and let me dress you?  (Read ALLLLL about the PMT Challenges HERE)

This is the very last PMT Challenge, so if you’ve wanted to join, now is the time!


Sign up early so that you can have first dibs on the Shopping List before things sell out.  Plus you get more time to put together your wardrobe.  Challenge begins April 1st.

“This challenge is a game-changer for me!  TWO compliments on this [outfit], so it’s a keeper!  One stylish co-worker complimented my ‘gorgeous skirt’ and the other said ‘I love your outfit today.  You always look so cute!’ Huh? Me?? YES! ME! I was feeling comfortable and put-together.  Thank you all for encouraging me to try new things.  Everyone is supportive and kind and it means a lot.” – Faith

“Today I just have to give a shoutout to Audrey for: 1) Making me love getting dressed again!  2) Helping me learn how to remix my clothing into outfits that I feel CONFIDENT in.  3) Creating and hosting this amazingly supportive group of diverse and beautiful people!” – Ann

“Ok, so here is my PMT moment.  We headed out tonight to a brewery with a bunch of my husband’s friends and their wives.  Normally, I feel less than.  But tonight I rocked tomorrow’s outfit and I felt so confident!  So grateful I found Audrey’s blog, then the challenges and this fantastic group, and the wealth of resources both offer.” – Margaret



Refunds – Available within 2 weeks of your purchase date!  If you purchase the challenge and it ends up not being right for you, fill out the Refund Request Form within two weeks of purchasing and we’d be happy to refund you.

Customer Support – You should receive two emails immediately upon registering: 1) an email to download your PDF, and 2) a Welcome Email with the link to the Facebook group.  If not, please fill out our Customer Support Form and a PMT team member will respond.


Congrats to 5 women who won memberships to the PMT Spring 2019 Challenge!

  • Angela Saver
  • Alexandrea List
  • Nicole Karpinski
  • Jessica Kearney
  • Jessica Dunphy

Winners should have been emailed and received your free membership already.  If not, please email Heather at [email protected]

Come join the fun and REGISTER NOW!  😀



Past Challenges – Discounted

Not sure about joining this spring?  Try any of our past PMT Challenges at a discount instead!  They are marked down from $39 to $19.99!


Announcement: This Is The LAST Challenge! ?

In case you missed the announcement earlier this week, this is the LAST Challenge I’ll be doing.  Here’s the announcement recapped from earlier this week:

Yes, friends.  This is bittersweet, but the Spring 2019 Challenge will be the last PMT Challenge!

We’ve been doing these challenges for over two years.  They have been AMAZING, impacted hundreds of women, and they’ve been a highlight of my 8 years of blogging.  I am so, SO, SO grateful for every person who’s participated in a challenge in the past.

I’ve given a lengthier explanation to everyone who has done a past PMT Challenge (check your email if you are past PMT Challenger and missed it).  Here, I’ll give the shorter version.  Simply put, the reason I won’t be focusing on these anymore is to make room to create more resources!

The good news, though?  I will still be creating Outfit Guides as one of these resources!  Meaning, a capsule wardrobe with tons of outfit ideas will continue to come out.  On the face, the PDF will look similar to the PDFs from challenges.  But behind the scenes and in intangible ways for participants, they are different, which I explained in-depth to all past challengers.

In addition to Outfit Guides, there will be more resources coming down the pipe that I am VERY excited for.  I feel they will serve groups of people at different starting places much better!

If you’ve wanted to participate in the excitement of a challenge, this is your last chance!  Join us for the final hurrah in a few weeks!  And, enter the giveaway below to try and win a free membership!

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