Ohmygeez.  As I write this, it’s Sunday night and I have a conference hangover.  Not from alcohol, but from pure exhaustion of working at a huge event this weekend.  Know the feeling?  All went well, but it was a 17-hour day and my brain and body feel sloooooow.  Too bad my Everlane tee is in the laundry because it would have been the perfect thing to throw on for recovery day.  
Instagrammed this outfit a while ago and forgot to post it which comes in handy since I had no time to take outfit pictures this weekend.  Summer FINALLY arrived in San Diego a few weeks ago, complete with 80-90 degree weather and heat’s bff, humidity.  I personally think heat needs to find a new bff because I don’t think other people think they’re good together.  Will someone send them the message?  While you do that I’m going to continue recovering from my weekend (aka playing with my Go Chic or Go Home closet.)
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