Recent March Purchases – Target, JCPenney, H&M

Since I somehow managed to not shop in February (serious miracle for me), I got a little crazy once March hit.  Can you blame me, though?  So many cute springy items in stores now!  Here are my recent purchases, most of which are from Target unless otherwise noted.  
Just a note, I have purchased all of these but I’m still deciding on some.  Below I’ll let you into my thought process with each item:
1.  Polka dot sweater (shop).  I tried to resist this thing for a really long time, but let’s face–it’s hella cute.  Plus, like I confessed in this post my sweater collection could use a boost.  
2.  Yellow knit top (shop).  I’m not sure about this one.  It’s a lot lot lot more vibrant in real life, which I really like.  However, I’m trying to figure out if I want a full button shirt that works a little more formally or if the popover type works for what I want.
3.  Pink knit top (shop).  This is the same as the yellow top.  I’m also trying to decide on colors.  Leaning towards yellow, but I was also looking for more coral/pink tops.
4.  Polka dot button up (shop).  This fit me really well and I liked that the material was thin though kept it’s structure pretty well without being stiff.  But ultimately I decided I don’t need it and I don’t have a lot of things I’d wear with it.
5.  Graphic Tee (shop).  I’m often at dirt filled camps for my job and graphic tees used to be my typical attire until I got sick of my collection.  I’d love to refresh my collection, but I was very hesitant about this one since Kendi recently posted it on her blog.  Honestly I felt a little lame that basically every time she shows something from Target I want to run out to the store immediately and track it down.  But I love Target!  And Kendi has great taste!  Anyway, I realized that if I didn’t have a style blog I would have absolutely NO PROBLEM buying this tee, so I think I’m keeping it!  
6.  Striped dress (shop).  This dress is way cuter in person.  And it fits me so well!  I originally had my eye on this dress, but where the flare started was bad for my pear shaped body, making my hips look very disproportionate to my upper body.  I looked a wee bit pregnant–not something you usually want if you are not with child.  The seaming on the bust of this striped dress and the less flared waistline is much more flattering to my smaller upper half.  Winner!  
7.  Animal print pants – H&M.  I first saw these on Lauren (Stylized Existence) and loved how she made them look professional but spunky at the same time.  When I saw that they were only $13 at H&M I decided to take the chance on them.  I’m still not sure if I’m gonna keep them because while I LOVE them, I’m currently not bold enough to wear them around like 90% of the people I know.  However, I’m really excited to get around the 10% of my friends that I would be comfortable wearing them around to bust them out!  
8.  Printed pants – Joe Fresh from JCPenney (shop).  Thanks to Caroline‘s tweet about Joe Fresh being at JCPenney I went over there and found these pants!  If you couldn’t tell from #7, I wanted printed pants.  While I’m not sure about #7, I’m definitely keeping these.  They feel great, were only $29, and the print is subtle enough that I would feel very comfortable wearing these often.  Woohoo!  
9.  Floral scarf (shop).  Sooo springy!  I’m pretty in love with this.  There are a bunch of other scarves online and in store at Target right now that are pretty awesome too.
10.  Blue blazer – H&M (shop similar optionoption #2).  LOVEEEEEE.  I also tried the blue blazer from JCPenney which was very similar to the H&M one.  It was very comfortable and laid nicely, so check that out!
Somehow even with all of the items I’m keeping, I am still $5 under my budget for Jan-March thanks to selling some of my old items.  However, March is only half over so I might be in trouble haha. 
On the note of selling my old items, I’ll be listing more soon!  Like this crochet top, this grey shirtdress, and this summer dress.  Be on the lookout! 
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