Life is Gonna Get Fuller!

Life is about to get fuller!  It’s been a long time coming, so we’re excited and grateful to say that Baby #2 is due late April!
How Pregnancy Has Been So Far
I’m 15 weeks along and so far everything looks good.  I felt a bit nauseous for the first couple months,  but thankfully I never threw up, and it went away around 10 weeks.  Exhaustion, on the other hand, persisted until about a week and a half ago.  I was dead tired after 3pm everyday, and it was killinnnnggggg me that I couldn’t be as productive as I wanted to be.  #myissues  😀  I’m so thankful that I’m more or less back to normal energy levels now!  
Belly Status + Maternity Wardrobe
My belly finally popped a bit last week (and always REALLY pops after dinner–haha!)  Wit & Wisdom Ab-solution bootcut jeans and black skinny jeans with their elastic waistbands have come to the rescue!  I’ve been crafting a maternity capsule wardrobe list since I’ll be going through different trimesters and belly phases in different seasons than when I was pregnant with Addie.  The great hunt for amazing maternity skinny jeans (full panel!) shall begin.  I tried nearly 30 pairs last pregnancy (Old Navy, LOFT, H&M, etc.) but was never able to find a pair I loved last time in regular blue jeans, and I felt awkward the whole second half of pregnancy that I couldn’t just wear some jeans.  I’m determined to find some and was so desperate last time that I’m willing to splurge on designer jeans.  They need to be full panel, the panel needs to be super soft and comfortable and not itchy (I’m looking at you, itchy Old Navy maternity jeans), and have skinny ankles!  
Addie’s Excited!
Addie knew we were praying for God to “put a baby in Mama’s tummy,” but we didn’t tell her we were pregnant until 12 weeks.  You know, until we were actually okay with people knowing cuz toddlers can’t keep secrets!  And until we were close to being out of the first trimester in case there were complications.  
What was so sweet was that even though she didn’t know we were having a baby, she kept talking with certainty like one was coming.  She would say, “When my baby comes…” (yes, she said my baby–as in hers :P).  She’s also been reenacting episodes of Daniel Tiger and how his family prepares for a new baby, like preparing the baby’s room (of which we have thought zero, ha), which crib the baby will sleep in, how we don’t have baby food in the house, making sure I know the baby can use her old high chair, and other very practical things.  She’s a planner!  
It’s also super sweet when she touches my belly and says in a cute high pitched voice, “Hiiii baby!!”  <3 
Overall, we are really grateful and we’re starting to prepare for the many changes ahead!  
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