PMT Year In Review: Looking Back at 2019

2019 Year In Review

Every year, I take some time to look back month by month at some of the big events to remember everything that happened.  My memory is horrible, and life can fly by, so it’s very helpful and fun for me to recap what’s happened.  It also really puts into perspective how much can happen in a year!

Today I want to recap 2019, both from my personal life and here with PMT.  Later this week I’ll share what I’m looking forward to in 2020!

Summary of 2019

While 2018 had some major life events, like Ella being born and a couple other things, 2019 was pretty steady in comparison.  It was refreshing!

Behind the scenes in my personal life, I spent almost the whole year working up towards a conference in January 2020 where I’ll be leading worship (i.e. singing with a band) for the organization I used to work for.  It’s been a year-long project where I was not only preparing to lead worship, I was also developing some of their leaders and developing curriculum.  That took up a significant portion of my time and energy this year.  But, it’s finally happening, and I leave for the conference TOMORROW!

One major thing stuck out to me from this year: I took more time off than I ever have.  This is a huge deal because I’m a workaholic by nature, and that left me not showing up for my family as well as I wanted to.  I’ve spent the last several years–yes, YEARS–working on myself to root out unhealthy workaholism.  In 2018 I focused on that more than ever, and I’m proud to say in 2019 I felt the freedom and fruit of that more than ever this year!

7 Life Highlights

  • Settling the interior of our house.  In January and February we got our house in order with the help of a designer (cuz we are clueless).  We painted our dingy peach walls in the bathrooms, living room, hallway and kitchen, along with our really dark kitchen cabinets a fresh white.  We also added a few finishing touches, like shelving and a fireplace mantel.  Our house is SO much lighter and brighter now!
  • Ella turned 1 year old!  Hard to believe she’s only been in our lives for a year and a half.  She’s made us laugh soooo much and has charmed us with her charisma.
  • Vacationing with our best friends.  Kidless trip to Chicago–Yes!  FINALLY got to watch Hamilton, too!
  • Leading worship at a conference in Madison, WI in June.  This was part of the year-long commitment to the January 2020 conference, training a team of other leaders here.  It was with a diverse team that gelled well and affirmed and empowered each other.  Beautiful!
  • Friends and family vacationing in San Diego with us.  In July, our best friends and their three kids vacationed in San Diego.  Then, Benson’s family visited from NorCal and Singapore.  Lots of friends and family time!
  • Addie started kindergarten.  She adores school and has been thriving!  She was in daycare full time before that, so I had to get used to having her home MORE once she started kindergarten.  It’s been great to be together more.  She loves the downtime she gets after school before Ella gets home from daycare. 😊
  • Ella and Addie’s relationship.  Ella is now 1.5+ y/o, and lately they’ve started to play together in ways I didn’t think would happen until Ella was at least 2.5 years old. It’s pretty heartwarming how much they’ve bonded.


7 PMT Highlights

This year’s list is pretty low key since a lot of 2019’s focus was setting the foundation for 2020.  But a few fun things did happen:

  • Began the Plain to Polished series.  I love these posts!
  • Opened the PMT Shop!  It houses all of our outfit guides, Starter Kit Wardrobe Guides, and freebies!
  • Included more Business Casual outfits.  I dove into learning about business casual and worked hard to include more work outfits this year.
  • Launched Business Casual Starter Kit Wardrobe Guide.  I’ve loved hearing how helpful these have been for you!
  • Focused on working together as a newly formed team of three.  Working with both Katie and Heather was key in me not overextending myself this year.  Plus it’s more fun to do this with more people!  So, so grateful.
  • Expanded the PMT Team from 3 to 4.  Crazy!
  • Began writing a course on style.  Eeeek!  This is something I’ve wanted to do for over 2 years!  More about this in the next post on my 2020 focuses.


Thank You!

I want to say a huge, huge THANK YOU for being part of the PMT community!  Without you, this blog, the content here, and the resources we create wouldn’t be possible.  I know this is “my” blog, but I don’t see it as existing just for me.  Its purpose is to help others, and the posts I write and resources I create are to help others.  Every time you come here to read a post, share posts on Pinterest, tell your friends about PMT, make purchases through affiliate links here, or purchase an outfit guide from the PMT shop, you afford me the ability to focus on creating more resources to help more women.  Win-win for everyone!  I also want to thank you for your kind words, encouraging emails and comments, and for any of you who’s ever written telling me how this blog has impacted your life.  It fuels my motivation and vision!  Thank you again for being part of this community!




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