PMT Winter Challenge + GIVEAWAY

My purpose for this blog is for it to help give you a handle on style so that you can go out into the world feeling really confident about yourself.  If your confidence can be boosted by feeling a little more put together, then let’s do it and make it easy!  That’s why I post simple tips to pull an outfit together, like tucking your shirt into your skirt, adding a belt, or adding a necklace.  That’s why I show how to wear one item 5 different ways.  That’s why I do shopping reviews–to do the research for you to be able to find good versatile pieces to build your wardrobe.

But even with all that, sometimes it’s still not enough to get you to where you want to be.  Sometimes you need more style ideas than are provided here.  Sometimes we get into outfit ruts because we’re so busy taking care of business that we don’t have energy to think about wearing a piece different ways, even though you really want to.  Many of you have told me that even though you have a lot of the pieces featured here, you still need help knowing exactly how to put them together.  Others of you have asked for specific help making your outfit “work.”  Some of you have told me you wish someone would tell you exactly what to buy, build your wardrobe for you, and then tell you exactly what to wear.

WELL, because of all of those things, I’ve spent the last few months working on The Putting Me Together Winter Challenge!

 I think of it as a style coaching package that will give you everything you need to feel put together, gain confidence in your style, and learn to make the most of your closet, while coaching and challenging you to grow your style along the way!  It’ll also coach and challenge you out of any current style rut you’re in.

  • This is a 30-day live challenge during the winter that you can register for.  
  • You’ll be given a clothing list to help you put together your mix-and-match capsule.  
  • Then, for 30 days you’ll be emailed an outfit to wear made of items from that capsule, which means for 30 days you don’t have to think at all about what you’re going to wear!  I’ve done all that thinking for you, and you’ll be able to rest easy while still making the most of your closet.  
  • You’ll also gain access to a private Facebook group so that everyone who’s doing the challenge can share their variations of the daily outfits and encourage each other.  It’ll be a great, safe community of women who want to grow and have fun with their style just like you!
  • Think of it as one huge Winter Packing Post (like THESE) where someone emails you one of the outfits daily to plan for you what to wear everyday, plus weekly giveaways, and a community to do it with.  And I know you all looooove those packing posts!
In addition to the capsule wardrobe list, 30 days of outfits, and access to a fun Facebook group, there’s more!

Daily Style Tips – Each daily outfit email will include one of my best style tips.  It’ll help you put them into action in bite sized ways.

– Weekly Gift Card Giveaways – At the end of each week that the challenge is live (i.e. through out the 30 days), members of the PMT Challenge will be entered to win a gift card through the Facebook group.  You could win extra cash to Nordstrom, Old Navy, LOFT, or ModCloth!  

– 15 Bonus Outfits – Y’all know I LOVE to remix clothes, so I couldn’t stop at just 30 outfits.  The challenge will only be “live” for 30 days, meaning everyone’s doing it at the same time and posting live on Facebook, BUT I’ll provide you with 15 extra outfits so that you can continue wearing new outfit combos even when the challenge is over.  Basically, from this small capsule wardrobe you’ll get 45 outfits–that’s 1.5 months of not having to think about what you’re wearing.  If you just repeat them all once for another 1.5 months on your own, that will take you through the rest of winter!

– Giveaway entry to win a virtual styling session with me if you register by 12/24!  If you win, we’ll “meet” up and talk through any style questions you have.  We could go through your closet and put together outfits, determine closet holes, try to talk through pieces that would work well for your shape, or troubleshoot anything else on your mind.  And, if you don’t know what to ask, don’t worry!  I can ask YOU questions to help you reach your style goals.  🙂  Only those who register by 12/24 will  be entered for this giveaway.

All in all you’ll get:

  • A shopping list to help you build a mix-and-match winter capsule wardrobe
  • Daily emails with an outfit for 30 days
  • Style tips for 30 days to grow your style
  • 45 days of outfits total, and the peace of not having to think about what to wear for 1.5 months
  • A community of like-minded women who are on the same journey as you and are there to encourage, support, and build each other up.
  • Weekly gift card giveaway entry
  • Giveaway entry for a virtual styling session (if registered before 12/24)
  • Plus, you’ll end up with a closet full of outfits you love, not just pieces that don’t work together!

This Challenge is all about working your closet, and it’ll be fun for anyone looking to get better at remixing or who wants to utilize their closet.  It’ll be helpful (and hopefully fun :D) for anyone who’s ever wanted someone to just create a capsule wardrobe for them and tell them exactly what to wear.  It’ll be a stress-reliever for anyone who doesn’t want to think about what to wear for 45 days!

The PMT Winter Challenge will be fun for you if any of these are true:

  • You want a mix-and-match wardrobe and want some guidance
  • You want to feel put-together but want someone else to do the work for you
  • You want to get better at remixing your closet
  • You don’t want to have to think about what to wear
  • You’ve hit a style plateau and want to change things up
  • You’re up for trying new styles, even if some feel out of your comfort zone
  • You want to connect with other women who are having fun growing their style
  • You LOVE the Packing Posts (THESE).  This is like one huge winter packing post beefed up with someone making you actually wear each of the outfits, a community to do it with, and weekly giveaways.  YAS!!!  

This challenge isn’t for everyone, but if anything I said above resonates with you, consider participating!  Besides it being fun and helping you out of a style rut, but my biggest hope is that it relieves stress for some of you and boosts you confidence

For all the tools and giveaways listed above, the cost of the PMT Winter Challenge is just $39!  That’s like the cost of a shirt or two, but with this challenge you’ll actually utilize them instead of them sitting idle in your closet!  😉

  • Registration opens next Friday, December 16th, and I’ll post the link here on the blog then.  BUT, the challenge doesn’t start or go LIVE until January 2nd.  Why?  See below.
  • You’ll have between December 16th – January 2nd to put together your capsule wardrobe using the shopping list you’ll get when you register.  
  • Challenge will be live January 2nd to January 31st
  • Registration will stay open all the way through January 16th if anyone wants to join late.  You’ll still get all the past outfits you missed and the 15 Bonus Outfits, but you’ll miss out on any giveaways that have finished.  
  • Register by December 24th if you want to be entered into the Virtual Styling Session Giveaway!

Registration opens before Christmas, so this could be a Christmas gift you get for a friend!  Or it could be one you ask for! 😛  You’ll be able to purchase membership as gifts for others.

If you think this will help you in any way, consider doing it because it’s risk free!  Once the challenge starts on January 2nd you’ll have until January 9th to ask for a refund.  You’ll get to try it for up to 7 days and decide if it’s not for you.

To celebrate the launch, I’m giving away 5 memberships to the PMT Winter Challenge!   3 will be chosen from blog readers here, and 2 will be from Instagram.  If you enter on both the blog and Instagram, you’ll have 5 chances to win!  Winners will be announced on Friday, December 16th when registration opens.  Enter through the Rafflecopter below!

That’s the main info, but I wrote a more details below.  If you have further questions, let me know.  Otherwise, good luck on the giveaway, and stay tuned for the registration link on December 16th!

You’ll build a capsule of 17 articles of clothing, 3-4 pairs of shoes, and 9 accessories, (not including bags or winter coats).  So, 30 pieces altogether, but some of the accessories are optional, like watches.  It’s just 17 articles of clothing for 45 outfits!  You could make even more outfits from it, as I just used capsule items in 2 outfits last week that I didn’t even include in the 45 outfits for this challenge.  You’ll have an extremely versatile wardrobe if you participate!

It’ll be like what you see on this blog, but the broader scope of it.  Meaning, over the last year or two my personal style has gotten really casual, and so have the outfits on this blog.  In the past I wore more blazers and pencil skirts and such, and this Winter Challenge will include those kinds of looks.  HOWEVER, if you’d prefer more/only casual looks and don’t want to wear blazers or skirts, this challenge is very flexible (read more below).  In the capsule shopping list I help you adapt each piece to your lifestyle so that they don’t have to look exactly like the examples I provide.

As flexible as you want it to be!

STYLE – You can choose items that fit the description but better suit your lifestyle.  For example, if I show black skinny jeans and you need more work outfits, choose black trousers instead.  I also provide a lot of substitution ideas so that you don’t have to use items that look just like the ones featured.  Another example, if you don’t want to wear blazers, in the item description I note that you can choose ANY completer piece as substitution for a blazer and provide color alternatives.  If you don’t want to wear skirts, I also note you can choose ANY other bottom.  If it’s too cold for a vest, use a thick cardigan in the same color.

DURATION – If you can’t do the challenge some days, that’s fine!  No one’s keeping score.  It’s meant to be fun!

NUMBER OF CLOTHING ITEMS – If you’re worried you’ll get tired of 17 pieces over 45 days, you have complete freedom to add items to your capsule.  If it says “Neutral Based Button Up,” include 2 instead of 1 for more variety.  Anytime an outfit uses the Neutral Based Button Up, chose either of your 2 tops!  You can even pull in a random, non-capsule item from your closet for one outfit.  Why not?

I hope you don’t have to buy all new items, but you can if you want to.  You should shop your closet first to fulfill the list, then buy (or borrow from friends) for any holes you have.

But if you need it, every item on the list will also have 4 shopping options, plus 2-4 specified plus sized options as shown in the image above.  Petite options are available for most items, though not specifically listed.

No plans to change anything besides that you might see me in some of the outfits from the challenge.  This challenge is extra style help and direction beyond what I’ve been providing on the blog.  Here you’ll see the same remixing, OOTDs, style tips, and all that!

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