It’s time for me to put YOU together, answer all of your style questions, and help you love what you wear. You’ve been hearing me talk about the PMT Style Club for the last several weeks, and enrollment is NOW OPEN!

In the club, you’ll find practical style help, motivation, and support to feel your best each day. How?

Through wardrobe strategy, done-for-you resources, style lessons, personalized tips, and the power of community.

As a PMT Style Club member, you’ll:

  • Dress well with less time, money, and stress
  • Become a smarter shopper and make better use of the clothes you buy
  • Be motivated to stay out of the style rut
  • Personalize your style
  • Have a space to ask me and style experts (yep, seriously!) your style questions



Think of it like a gym membership, except it’s a style membership. With fitness, you can follow workout plans, take classes, get coached to go further, and stay accountable to keep up with your health and feel your best in an ongoing way.

In the PMT Style Club, you can follow guided wardrobe and outfit plans, learn from style classes, go deeper with coaching, and stay motivated to keep up with your style and feel your best always, in an ongoing way.



As a member, you’ll get an array of features to help you stop wearing the same thing everyday, develop your personal style, and learn to dress yourself–or have me dress you!

We have done-for-you resources like wardrobe & outfit guides, which are basically like me dressing you each season. We also have features that help you learn and develop your personal style, like style classes on how to find your style and dress your body shape, workshops with professional personal stylists, live Q&A sessions with me, and more. Plus, you’ll get access to our private style community where you can connect with other women, crowdsource your style questions, find motivation, and have a place to talk style.

There are lots of things waiting to help you, again, from done-for-you resources to save you time and headache to classes and features that will empower you in your own personal style.

Learn details of EVERYTHING that’s included, HERE –> Scroll down to the “What’s Inside the PMT Style Club” section. You’ll also see snapshots and examples of what you get with your membership.



The PMT Style Club will be great for you if any of these are true:

  • You want to stay out of a style rut and would like some guidance and motivation
  • You want to make better use of your clothes and get better at remixing
  • You want to find and develop your personal style (including finding your style, dressing your body shape, and being able to put yourself together)
  • You don’t want to have to think about what to wear
  • You want practical style help
  • You wish you could ask someone your style questions, big and small, and get real, practical, personalized answers–from, “Which pants can I wear with which shoes” to “Help! I bought this skirt and have no idea if it works for my body, and what can I wear it with to make it work?” to “What kinds of jeans should I try for my body type?” to “How to I make this trend work for me?” and more. We cover it all.
  • You want to connect with other women who are having fun growing their style
  • You want to learn from expert personal stylists (We hire the pros so that you don’t have to!)

Learn ALL the details about what you get as a member, see our FAQ section, and enroll, HERE!



Also, I’m running a special January offer: Join for just $24 for your first 60 days! It’s SUCH a great way to try out the club and see if it’s something you want to be part of, at a super low cost. Plus, you’d be getting 1 month of membership for free! Get all the details HERE.

If you’re looking for practical style help, motivation, and support, check out the PMT Style Club and join before enrollment closes on 1/19!

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