PMT Redesign and New Features!

Hi!  I’m excited to announce that PMT FINALLY got a redesign!  It doesn’t actually *look* that different, but what I’m most excited about is how much easier it should be for you to use and find what you’re looking for.

I treat PMT like an archive full of style resources.  But after 6+ years of blogging, there’s now soooo much info on this site that it’s been difficult for yall to find what you’re looking for or to even know if I’ve written about a topic in the past.  Some of your most asked questions were answered in posts that were buried deep in the archives and hard to find.  It was time for a blog redesign, not just to make the blog look better, but to better organize all this info!

So, let me point out some changes!




The menubar is now organized differently and includes dropdown menus.



Did you know I categorize all my posts by topic AND by items I’m wearing?  That way you can easily search for similar posts or for all the other ways I’ve worn an item.  Like, if you want to see all my remixing posts, you can find them under the One Piece Many Ways tag (which I also happened to feature at the top menubar).  Or, if you want to see all my outfits with black skinny jeans, you can look for the black skinny jeans tag.

Those tags have always been on my blog (housed in the righthand sidebar under “Search By Clothing Item.”)  But the big change here is that before, when you clicked into a tag, you had to scroll, scroll, and scroll through the many different posts on that topic or tag to find a specific post you were looking for.  Or worse, you had to read tons of different text descriptions and click through each of them to see if you found what you were looking for.  

Now, all posts are laid out visually in a grid.  This makes it quicker and easier to scan and find what you’re looking for.  If you look through all my One Piece Many Ways posts you can instantly SEE what piece we’re remixing, rather than reading a text description of it.  Similarly, with my Style Tips and How-To posts you can instantly SEE what each post is about, and you can scan it more easily than before since they’re laid out in a grid of snapshots.


I’ll be refining and adding more features over time to make search easier.  Like, the Archives search box on the righthand sidebar will get updated, as will the “Search By Clothing Item” index.  For now, the menubar at the top should pull out all the major things you’d want to search on PMT.


Thanks in advance for your patience as bugs continue to get fixed.  Currently troubleshooting:

  • Broken links for past pages
  • Syncing all old comments via Disqus
  • Some minor aesthetic things and sprucing things up a bit more


But overall, I am very excited to have this be a better organized resource to help you with your style!





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