PMT Top 10 January Best Sellers & My Personal Favorites

Top January Favorites and Best Sellers

These are items fellow PMT readers have been loving from this month!  Several of them are some of the best sellers from all of 2019, and they’re still going strong again this month.  I also included my personal January favorites at the end.

SIZING: I’m 5’6″ and usually S/M or 6 in clothes, 8.5 to 9 in shoes.

PMTers’ January Top 10 Favorites

1. Chunky Amazon Turtleneck Sweater – size S
I resurfaced an outfit pic of this from last year when I recently shared 3 outfits from the Winter Starter Kit Wardrobe Guide. It was a huge favorite last year and was at the top again this month!  It’s fairly thick, though it is bulky and also has drop shoulders, which may not work for many people. It comes in many colors, which you can see HERE. I wear it in size S and it’s still plenty oversized.

2. Macy’s Tunic Sweater – size S
This tunic sweater is great to wear with leggings and comes in tons of colors. Best part, and why I think it’s a bestseller, is that it regularly goes on sale for $19 or under. It’s on the thinner side, so if you’re looking ahead towards spring, this would be a good option for that. One note is the sides are kind of wide. You can’t tell when your arms are down, but if extra width really bugs you, you might wanna pass. Otherwise, check out all the colors HERE. I wear size S.

3. Caslon Tunic Sweater – size XS (sold out 😭)
This is sold out now (that’s how much you guys loved it!) but I want to mention it in case it comes back because it’s my favorite sweater of all of today’s bestsellers.  It is the most expensive of the bunch, but it’s my favorite because it feels the best. I love that it’s cozy with a thicker material that smooths over bumps but is still relatively lightweight. It’s also really versatile and can be worn with leggings or jeans. I remixed it three ways HERE. My personal fave is the look with jeans and sneakers, and I’ve worn that several times since. I wear this tunic in size XS and it’s still plenty roomy in the torso. It came in a few colors, and hopefully something gets restocked HERE.

4. Amazon Wrap Dress – size M
I shared this dress in the recent post How to Pair Tights and Boots. It’s got a flattering wrap detail that defines a waist and comes in tons of colors and prints. It’s anywhere from $15-$42 depending on size and color HERE. I wear size M since the sleeves on S felt a little snug.

5. Dear Mushka Pendant
It amazes me that this is a top seller every month, but also for good reason! This has been my most worn necklace for the last several years. It goes with basically everything and does an amazing job of pulling together an outfit, despite its simplicity. It’s actually a locket, so you can put a picture in it! See ways I’ve worn it HERE. Or just go through any post on my blog and you’ll find it. 😆 I literally wear it all the time!  Get it HERE.

NOTE: I do not use the original chain. I found it both delicate and too short. I swapped it for a chain from an old necklace I had. There are chains on Amazon.

6. Gibson Twist Fleece – size XS
This should be no stranger to you guys, and it yet again made the top seller list! I pretty much live in these. They’re so comfy and effortless, and that knot detail elevates the style a little. They come in lots of colors, and the colors constantly rotate through out the year. Right now they’re available in 7 colors.  See them all HERE. I wear size XS and they are still plenty roomy. They’re huge.

P.S. I love wearing these while pregnant, too! They look great with a bump.

7. Fuzzy Wedge Sneakers – size 9
Been living in these as well! They’re sooo lightweight and easy to walk in despite having a slight wedge heel. Most importantly, they have a FUZZY LINING!  I’ve been wanting something sportier than booties, but that would still keep my ankles warm. Plus, they’re WATERPROOF. We don’t get much rain where I live, but on those few days we do, I’m usually at a loss because I’m unprepared with footwear. With these, I don’t have to worry about it.  This fuzzy lining is 👌🏼. LOVE.  See them HERE. I wear size 9.

8. Macy’s Striped Sweater – size S
This was from the post Three Types of Sweaters to Diversity Your Wardrobe. This sweater is lightweight, thinner, and pretty soft. The rainbow stripes are fun this time of year, and to top it off, there’s little studs on it! See them up close HERE. I wear size S.

9. Amazon Blouse – size 6
This was a top seller from all of 2019 and was at the top again this month! It’s got a nice open boat neckline and comes in 7 prints and 3 solid colors HERE!  I’m wearing the Navy Vine Leaf Print. It works in elevated casual looks with jeans and business casual looks with work pants.  See ways I’ve worn it HERE.  I’m thinking of doing a remix post with this soon!

10. Amazon Joggers – size S
This was another top seller from 2019 and again made it into this month. These are great for the price, only $20.50!  They’re not fuzzy, rather a lightweight dri-fit type material. Soft, stretchy, and comfy! One note is these may be a little clingy in the back, especially if you’re fuller back there. Otherwise, these are great joggers. Check them out HERE.

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My Personal January Favorites

I thought it’d be fun to share my personal favorites from the month, too!  I showed these in collaborations I did this month and am pretty excited about them!

Caslon Tunic Sweater – size XS
Already mentioned this one in your top purchases, but it’s one of my faves from the month too! Like I said, it’s been a go-to for me on dreary days.  Try to catch it in stock HERE.

Caslon Fuzzy Wedge Sneakers – size 9
I’m not kidding when I say I love these things! They make me so happy!  Check them out HERE.

Grey Hunter Boots – size 8
I scoped these out as a waterproof option to show you for a collaboration with Nordstrom, and I love these! I debated the original tall version for years and finally pulled the trigger last year using a gift card. But I’ve gotta admit, they are pretty tall and kind of overkill, especially for the type of rain we get on the few days we get it. However, I still wanted some sort of rain boots. I looked into other non-Hunter boot options and couldn’t find something I loved. But this grey pair? It might be too early to say this, but I THINK this is THE pair! I love that they’re a lighter color because we do get a little bit of rain sometimes during the spring, and I usually like switching to lighter color palettes at that point. I also like that these are slightly lighter weight, have a sleeker sole, and are shorter. Overall it feels like it meets my needs a little better. But we’ll see as time goes on.  Even if not, I love them nonetheless! Check them out HERE.

Macy’s Waterproof Booties – size 9
These are such a great find! I’m always on the lookout for a classic tan bootie for you guys, and this pair is perfect. But to make it even better, they’re WATERPROOF!  Because they are waterproof, they are on the more expensive side, but they frequently go on sale which drops their price to comparable non-waterproof boots. 🙌🏽  Check them out HERE.

J.Crew Factory High Waisted Jeans – size 27
These are sooo cute with a button-front and raw hem!  They are stretchy but pretty thin, so, better weight for warmer temps. They regularly go on sale, and at their sale price they are a pretty good buy!

Shop My Personal January Favorites

Coming soon, I’ve got some try-ons and reviews, so stay tuned!



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