PMT Best Sellers and Most Popular Blog Posts of 2019

PMT Favorites of 2019

As we wind down 2019 and get ready for 2020, I thought it’d be fun to share some PMT favorites!  Can you guess which items were PMT best sellers or which blog posts were favorites?  Some of these really surprised me!  Without further ado, here they are:

Top 10 Best Sellers of 2019

  1. Amazon Floral Wrap – Nice lightweight cover for summer outfits or for the beach.  Is NOT suffocating like other inexpensive wraps!  I wear size L.  See ways I’ve worn it HERE. I own both the Red Flower-White and Red Flower-Blue versions.
  2. Amazon Joggers – Very soft and affordable at around only $20!  I wear size S.  See ways I’ve worn it HERE.
  3. Dear Mushka Gold Pendant – The necklace I wear the most.  SO versatile and completes every outfit!  See ways I’ve worn it HERE.  Note: I replaced the chain for a longer and more durable one from an old necklace I had.  You can find other chains on Amazon.
  4. Twist Fleece Top – Super fan favorite!  I have this in more colors than I’d like to admit.  😀  I wear size XS–runs super big.  See ways I’ve worn it in: grey HERE // black HERE
  5. Amazon Flats – Really affordable and pretty comfy for how cheap they are.  Price is comparable to Target and Old Navy flats, but these feel SO much better.  Softer and more flexible upper, and they don’t crease like Target and Old Navy flats tend to.  See how I’ve worn different pairs here: red // yellow
  6. Amazon Printed Blouse – Versatile blouse that comes in many solid colors and prints.  I have it in Navy VIne Leaf and it works great for a casual outfit and business casual looks.  I wear size 6.  See ways I’ve worn it HERE.
  7. Nordstrom White Tunic – My most versatile top!  Wear it in casual or business casual looks.  I wear size M.  See ways I’ve worn it HERE.
  8. Wit & Wisdom Jeggings – My go-to pair of jeans.  Super soft and stretchy!  I wear Dark Navy in size 4 but could even wear size 2–they run HUGE.  See ways I’ve worn them HERE.
  9. Zella High Waist Leggings – The leggings I always talk about that are NOT see-through, have compression so they hold things in place, and have a wide waistband to help keep them up.  I wear size M.  See ways I’ve worn them HERE.
  10. Faux Leather Tote – My go-to tote for years!  See it with outfits HERE.

The two I was most surprised by were the Amazon Floral Wrap and Amazon Printed Blouse.  They’re both fun pieces to have, but I didn’t anticipate them being in the Top 10 of ALL products in 2019!  The rest of them are pretty much my closet staples, and I hope they’ve been serving you well!


Top 6 Most Popular Blog Posts

Wow, this was eye opening!  These posts got the most visits in 2019.  Every one of these posts included business casual options except for #3.  Shows how huge of a need it is!

  1. Plain to Polished: Using Accessories to Pull An Outfit Together– The first in the new series Plain to Polished.
  2. How to Wear Ankle Boots With Straight Leg and Skinny Pants for Work
  3. 6 Easy, Comfy Outfits With Leggings for Fall
  4. (NSale Try-On #1: Fall Casual Staples and Workwear) I put this in parenthesis because it’s super specific to the NSale.  Interesting to note how much you guys loved it, though!
  5. Reviews: Affordable Workwear
  6. 6 Slacks for Work: A Comparison Across Different Price Points

I really, REALLY would not have guessed any of these except for maybe #1.  I’m still shocked by how popular business casual posts are, especially because once in a while I hear strong complaints from a couple people here and there who don’t want to see business casual.  It’s great to see the stats and know they are indeed helpful for so many of you.  If that’s true, please continue to let me know via comments on future business casual posts so that I continue to incorporate them regularly!

Do you have any favorite items you’ve gotten through PMT or favorite blog posts?




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