REVIEWS: Amazon Hits and Misses Under $25

Button Jersey Dress

I was on Amazon’s site looking for athleisure pieces and ended up checking out some additional items. Today I’m reviewing some of them! All of them are under $25.  Before you get too excited, let me say that the quality is questionable on some of the items ?, BUT there are also some great pieces from Amazon at great prices! ?? Kinda how shopping at Amazon goes, right?  Some things that are mehhhh and others that are crazy good finds!   

SIZING INFO: I’m 5’6” and usually S/M or 6 in clothes and 8.5 to 9 in shoes.


Button Jersey Dress

Button Jersey Dress – size S
Let’s start with this dress!  It’s one of those that I call “pajama dresses” because they’re so soft that they feel like pajamas!  😀 It’s very, very cute with the decorative button details and pockets, but this material is on the thinner side. That’s a downside if you are looking for lasting quality or something that conceals lumps better, or it’s a positive thing if you want something thinner for summer.  Also, the buttons are not functional.  Sorry, breastfeeding mamas!

Often the pajama dresses I show have swing silhouettes which tend to be pretty shapeless and don’t work well for many people.  There ARE soft jersey “pajama” dresses that have seams and structure, and this dress is one of them.  The top is fitted and flattering, plus it has a seam at the waist. The seam is not an empire waist, rather it hits a bit lower right across the midsection.

Things I’m not sure about: The hem is slightly curved with the front middle being the longest and the sides being a bit shorter. That’s totally a matter of preference and body shape.  Also, you could see my bra from the side.  I think that might be due to me having a shorter torso because from customer review pictures, that does not seem to be a problem for others.

It’s only $19.99.  If you are okay with thinner material, it’s a cute dress to check out!  Comes in 8 colors HERE.


Amazon Sundress ReviewYellow Sundress Review

Yellow Dress – size S
So….this yellow dress looks pretty cute, but the material is a bit strange and I’m not sure how I feel about it.  It’s really soft and comfortable, but it’s kind of like a “scuba” material of polyester and spandex.  If I’m totally honest, it feels a bit cheap, though is quite comfy and doesn’t look that cheap from afar. I’m kind of torn about it, honestly.  I wish it were just a cute cotton dress instead.  Probably would be more breathable too.

That said, it’s got pockets, cute details like a flattering sweetheart neckline and decorative buttons (not functional, again sorry breastfeeding mamas!), and has comfy stretch in the back.  And it is really quite cute!

It’s $18.99, so if you’re looking for a really inexpensive, comfy dress for a vacation or to wear just for one season, it’s a cute option that comes in 19 prints and colors.  And I mean SUPER CUTE prints.  But if you’re looking for something that feels high quality, this is not it.  At the very least, check out the really cute prints HERE!


Purple Hoodie – wearing M, need S
I previously reviewed a pullover similar to this zip-up hoodie, and for both, the material feels great!  Super smooth, soft, and stretchy.   This is a size M and I need to size down to S, but in terms of quality and feel, it’s great!  And only $25Material is medium to lightweight, so better for warmer seasons.  The seams along the side aren’t super noticeable but do help in creating a flattering silhouette.  Comes in 6 colors HERE.


Review of Leggings with Pockets

Pocket Leggings – size S, need M
Leggings with pockets for cell phones are popping up everywhere.  There are a ton of different kinds available, so I looked for ones with good reviews (of which there are plenty) then kinda chose one at random to try.

These have a high, wide waistband to help flatten out your tummy.  There are pockets on both sides for your phone or keys!  However, you can see the seam of the pocket sticking out a little.  Not the worst thing ever, but something to note.  I would assume that’s true of most leggings with pockets. There are seams all along the sides of the legs that make the leggings look more athletic and not the kind that could double under a dress in the winter.

Having a pocket for your phone is awesome for times you’re taking a walk with a friend or running quick errands in athleisure.

They’re a little tight on me in size S.  I need size M!   They come in 9 colors HERE.


Amazon Swing Tank Review

Swing Tanks – size S
I put these on straight out of the package, so excuse the wrinkles.  These are the same tank in different colors.  The quality feels great on these swing tanks as they are very soft and stretchy and the material is on the thicker side.  Yet they’re only $13!!

They are long enough on me at 5’6” to cover my rear in leggings, but I don’t love that length with jeans.  Unfortunately one downside is that given that the material is a bit thicker, it drapes a bit clunky with a loose front-tuck, so I’d have to wear these at full length.  That doesn’t seem to be a problem on the model on the product page, as she looks great in these tanks with jeans.  But her torso is definitely longer than mine.

Overall, great quality and super comfy. I’m still not sure if I’m keeping them or not and it will depend on what purpose they’ll serve.  But if they fit you well, then this is a great piece.  Totally worth a try!  They come in a million solid colors and different prints and are only $13 HERE!


Review of Amazon Swing Tank

Yellow Tank – size S
Overall this is a miss for me, but there are some things I like about it.  First, TONS of people love it in Amazon’s reviews.  However, for me, fit is too big, and there is no smaller size.  Great news for others is that this comes in size S to 5X!  Other pluses: it’s soft, stretchy, and comfy.  Comes in a whopping 21 colors (!!!), and is plenty long for leggings.  It’s on the thinner side, especially compared to the striped tanks above.  Upside of that is it’s cooler for summer, though the downside is that quality and longevity comes into question.

To manage sizing, I tried to tie it in a knot to give it some shape, and that kind of worked but was not GREAT.  Even with a knot there was just so much extra material still that it’s a no for me.  It felt like I was fighting the clothes—because I was.

I’d personally rather continue with the ModCloth tanks.  However, there are way more bright colors available in this Amazon tank which is what compelled me to try them.

They’re very affordable, ranging from $5.99 to $18.99.  Possibly great options for others, but not for me.  See all the colors HERE.


Amazon Affordable Joggers Review

Joggers – size S
I showed these joggers in yesterday’s athleisure post, but in case you missed it, OH MAN I LOVE THESE!!!  They’re SOFT and STRETCHY and smooth (not sweatshirt-like).  And while I typically have problems with joggers making my hips look huge, I find these quite flattering.  Also, I’ve worn them multiple days and besides loosening up in a very minor way initially, they retained shape.  No baggy knees!!  And they’re only $20!!!  WHAT?  My friend was wearing a pair that felt and looked exactly like these last weekend, and she paid $80 for hers.  These are a STEAL!  Hoping they wash well and last over time.  They come in 5 “spacedye” colors HERE.


Amazon Leggings Reviews

Space Dye Leggings – size M
I also showed these in yesterday’s athleisure post.  They’re really soft and stretchy and only $18.99!  I DID notice that between these and my Zella cropped leggings (that are 3x expensive), the Zella ones felt a little more buttery and a bit more breathable, but had I not paid such close attention I would not have noticed a difference otherwise.  So, if you are used to more expensive leggings and are particular about breathability, these may not cut it for you.  But if you, like me, usually don’t notice those things, TRY THESE!  They’re so affordable and come in 19 colors HERE.  I’m wearing “Space Dye Camo Grey.”

There were plenty of other things in my order, but not worth talking about.  Many things on Amazon are not the greatest quality (but are easy on your wallet), but once in a while you get GEMS like those joggers or that purple zip-up hoodie.  Super affordable AND feel fantastic.

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