7 Types of Crazy COMFY Summer Clothes

7 Types of Crazy Comfy Summer Clothes

You guys KNOW I’m all about clothes that are SOFT, STRETCHY, and COMFY.  I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve described an item to you that way.  It’s almost becoming a requirement for any piece I wear, haha!  When people tell me they’d “rather be comfy” than put together, I get sad they’ve been missing out because YOU CAN HAVE BOTH! 🙌🏽 Today, I want to share some crazy comfy summer clothes you should check out for ultimate comfort…

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Three Easy Ways to Wear a Printed Wrap This Summer

Three Outfits With a Floral Printed Wrap

Have you gotten into printed wraps?  If you want a lightweight layer this summer, a printed wrap is a fun one to try.  They add that extra oomph to basic solid tees and tanks, make outfits interesting, and can be found at pretty affordable prices.  There are several ways to wear a printed wrap, so today I’m sharing three outfits with a printed wrap you can wear this summer! Before we get to the outfits, I want to talk about…

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Everything You Need to Know + $100 GIVEAWAY x3!

The much anticipated Nordstrom Anniversary Sale begins next week!  I cover this sale every year, and today I want to prep you with what it is and why you should shop it.   WHAT IS THE NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE ALL ABOUT? Usually, sale items are leftovers marked down at the end of the season.  The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is the opposite.  Nordstrom marks down BRAND NEW stuff at the beginning of the season.  Many of my PMT staples come from this sale. …

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