Three Clothing Silhouettes and How They Affect Your Outfits

Three Clothing Silhouettes to Flatter Your Body Shape

If you have taken Simply Put Together or have gone through the Dressing Your Body Shape course inside the PMT Style Club, you know how valuable it is to pay attention to clothing shapes and silhouettes. Let’s talk about it today! Each of our bodies is different and every garment’s shape is different, and not every garment is cut to flatter every body shape. So, understanding how different cuts will or will not work on your body is key! It…

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Spring invites us to a fresh start, and if you are looking for some renewal or rejuvenation with your style, I want to let you know: The PMT Style Club is OPEN for spring, and you’re invited! If you want a place to figure out and develop your style, access to exclusive style resources, learn how to put yourself together from expert stylists, get more personalized style help, and connect with others who are growing their style, join us this spring! The…

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3 Tips for How to Wear Spring Clothes When It’s Still Cold

3 Ways to Wear Spring Clothes When It's Still Winter

Huge thanks to Kohl’s and ShopStyle for sponsoring this post With spring approaching but not fully here yet, I know many of you are ready to move on from winter clothes but don’t feel like you can, given the current temps. If you’re itching for a change, today’s post is for you! I want to help you out with three tips for how to wear spring clothes when it’s still cold, and I’m partnering with Kohl’s and ShopStyle to do…

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