Three Ways to Wear a Striped Tee: Casual, Work, and Date

Today we’re back with another One Piece Many Ways post.  It’s no secret that I’m ALL ABOUT THAT STRIPED TEE.  Funny enough, before I built my remixable wardrobe, I thought stripes were overrated.  Boy, was I wrong!  A striped tee is as simple to wear as a plain tee, but the stripes provide visual interest without you having to try harder.  At the same time, stripes are incredibly versatile.  If you need more convincing, you can see the many, many,…

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Now & Later: Bootcut Jeans for Summer and Fall

How to Wear Bootcut Jeans for Summer and Fall

It’s during this time of year, that summer to fall transition, that I think bootcut jeans get the most attention from me.  You know that skinny jeans are my preferred cut (and it’s perfectly fine if they are not yours–we all have different body types and clothing preferences!)  But, when it’s KIND OF denim weather, like not disgustingly hot but a little muggy, skinny jeans still feel gross.  Bootcut jeans are here to save the day! Bootcut jeans don’t suffocate…

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Plain to Polished: How to Make Outfits Interesting by Mixing Neutrals

Raise your hand if neutrals are your happy zone!  Neutrals are wonderful and every closet needs them.  Sometimes, though, an outfit full of only neutrals can be pretty plain.  BUT, they don’t have to be!  There are MANY ways to add variety to neutrals.  In today’s Plain to Polished, we are talking about how to make outfits with neutrals interesting with ONE easy tip–mixing neutrals! In case you’re new around here, Plain to Polished is a series where we break…

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