Packing for NorCal

The fence in the background means this is another outfit from our trip to Northern California during the week of Thanksgiving.  There’s something about this outfit that I find very soothing.  Maybe it’s the muted colors or because it’s made of a bunch of basics without anything too attention-grabbing.  Whatever it is, it’s calming.  
Top  //  Target (shop – see this page)
Sweater  //  Old Navy (similar)
Jeans  //  Forever 21 
Flats  //  Old Navy (similar: one, two)
Scarf  //  c/o Maybe Matilda (shop)

Anyway, I love seeing what people pack, so I put together a list of what I packed for the trip in case you like that kinda stuff too.  All of the outfits I post this week will be from my trip, so you’ll get to see my suitcase unfold.  I didn’t curate this list as well as the last one because I had a lot of space in my suitcase, so I brought a couple of extra things that were nice to have but that I could have done without.

At the end I’ll try to do a recap of the outfits I wore plus the potential outfits that I didn’t wear.  I felt like I had a ton of outfit options!  That part was really fun because I remember getting up to NorCal for Thanksgiving last year and hating what I had packed.  I felt so trapped!  I did much, much, MUCH better this time!

In addition to this stuff, I brought a few necklaces and a bracelet.  Stay tuned this week to see the outfits I made from this list!

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