Three Formulas for Outfits With a Solid Colored Blouse – Elevated Casual, Dressy, and Work Outfits

Casual Dressy Work Outfits with solid colored top blouse

3 outfit formulas for a solid colored top

Time for another remix! Do you have a solid colored blouse sitting around in your wardrobe? If so, you’re in luck! If not, it can be a great staple for you to consider adding to your wardrobe, if it fits your lifestyle, of course. A solid-colored top is extremely versatile and can be worked into many different types of outfits. Today, I’ll share formulas for outfits with a solid colored blouse so you know how to style it in Elevated Casual, Dressy, and Business Casual outfits. You’ll really see how to get the most out of these!

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Outfit Formulas With a Solid-Colored Top

While we are going to use a solid-colored blouse for this, one thing that is extremely important to note about these outfit formulas (and all the Quick-Start Outfit Formulas in the Wardrobe Staples Styler) is that they are constructed in such a way that you can use LOTS of different kinds of pieces to fill in the formulas. The formulas are like plug-and-play templates that allow you to insert different cuts, colors, and styles to create lots and lots of outfits. That includes even being able to use some sleeveless tops and sweaters to fill in each of these outfit formulas! I’ll show you what I mean below.

Another note is that the outfit formulas work for all body shapes and sizes! They really truly do because dressing your body shape is really about knowing which shapes, cuts, and styles of clothes work best with your figure. (That’s a whole other topic that we cover in Simply Put Together, so if you’re interested in that, get on the waitlist for SPT, HERE.) And, since the formulas are constructed so that you can plug in a variety of cuts and styles, you just need to use the cuts you like best on yourself and on your body shape. Hope that makes sense. If not, or if you’d like extensive help with that, join the waitlist for Simply Put Together!

Alright, let’s talk through the outfit formulas and some examples of real-life outfits.

Three Ways to Wear a Solid Colored Top from the Wardrobe Staples Styler

Here are our three outfit formulas for styling a solid-colored top. Remember, you get to plug different pieces into each of these formulas to create tons of outfits. Let’s look at how!

Elevated Casual Outfit flat lay: solid-colored top black + black blazer + blue jeans + leopard heels + gold pendant

1. Elevated Casual: Solid-Colored Top + Jeans + (Blazer or Moto Jacket) + Flats or Heels
Style it for a nicer casual outfit with jeans and flats or heels. Add a print if you want, like I did with leopard print shoes, but simple tan or black shoes would work, too. You can go without the extra layer, or if you need to add one, go for a moto jacket or a blazer.

The general gist is that you can style a solid-colored top in a nicer outfit with jeans of some sort and flats or heels. Easy peasy.

Here are a few examples:

Elevated Casual Outfit: solid-colored top black + black blazer + blue jeans + leopard heels + gold pendant + burgundy bag

This is the exact outfit shown in the very first image of the flat lay of clothes.

Elevated Casual Outfit: solid-colored top white + dark blue skinny jeans + tan moto jacket + leopard heels + gold pendant necklace + gray crossbody bag

This one uses a totally different top in a different color and has the moto jacket instead of the blazer. But, a blazer would work over this, too!

Elevated Casual Outfit: solid colored white ruffle sleeve blouse + blue jeans + gold statement necklace + gray handbag + tan woven flat mules

This is the exact same top as the one in the previous example, but with straight leg jeans and a different type of shoe instead. Still an elevated casual outfit, thanks to the outfit formula!


Elevated Casual Outfit: navy sweater solid-colored top + blue jeans + plaid blazer + tan earrings + gold pendant necklace + yellow flats + tan crossbody bag

Here’s the same outfit formula with a little more pizzazz! 😃 This takes a navy sweater (meaning not a short sleeve blouse like the other two tops) and pairs it with jeans, flats, and a blazer. Same outfit formula that we’ve been using, but with more colorful pieces this time with the yellow flats and fun printed blazer!

Elevated Casual Outfit: solid-colored top rust balloon sleeve sweatshirt + light blue straight leg jeans + tan suede flats + gold short pendant necklace +gray crossbody bag

For fun, just to get some more shapes and colors in there, here’s a bright orange-red sweater as the solid-colored top with straight leg jeans and flats for a nicer casual outfit.

Again, the main idea is that you can style your solid-colored tops into nicer casual outfits with jeans and flats or heels. This is my go-to combo when I’m heading out for something casual but want to look a little nicer.

Dressy Outfit: solid-colored top black blouse + maroon skirt + black booties + gold statement necklace + gold earrings + leopard clutch flat lay

2. Date or Dressy Outfit: Solid-Colored Top + Skirt + Heels
Then, if you want to wear that same top out for a special occasion, pair it with a skirt and heels to dress it up more. Again, you don’t have to add the leopard print. I just love leopard print, so I’m putting my own personal spin onto my outfits, and you can add your own personal spin!

Now for three examples with this formula:

Dressy Outfit: solid-colored top black blouse + maroon skirt + black booties + gold statement necklace + gold earrings + leopard clutch

Again, we’re starting with the exact outfit as the one shown in the formula example, just on a real person. (Me! 😄)

Dressy Casual Outfit: solid-colored top white blouse + red dot ruffle midi skirt + denim jacket + tan heeled sandals + gold pendant necklace + gray handbag

And here’s the same outfit formula with that white blouse and a totally different skirt. Yet, both outfits are dressy because the outfit formula is a recipe for dressy outfits!

Dressy Outfit: solid-colored top navy sweater + yellow mid skirt + gold statement necklace + tan tote + leopard flats

Finally, here is that navy long sleeve sweater again, paired with a skirt for a dressy outfit.

Notice how we have a couple of different cuts of skirts that we’ve plugged into the outfit formulas. Remember, you can use cuts that work best for your body shape and make you feel great, and you don’t need to use things that look exactly like the outfit formulas. Awesome, right?

Business Casual Outfit: solid-colored top black blouse + maroon slacks + leopard heels + gold statement necklace + gold earrings + gray tote flat lay

3. Business Casual: Solid-Colored Top + Slacks + Flats or Heels
For our last outfit formula, you can also wear that solid-colored top to work by simply pairing it with slacks. Remember, you can fill in the components of the formulas with cuts and colors you like, so “Slacks” can be neutral ones, colorful ones, and printed ones. Tons of options to play with!

Some examples:

Business Casual Outfit: solid-colored top black blouse + maroon slacks + leopard heels + gold statement necklace + gold earrings + gray tote

This is the exact outfit in the flat lay example above. For slacks, I went with a maroon pair to help the outfit pop more! (Which is one of the “style strategies” we talk about in Simply Put Together, by the way. So, if you want to learn how to get fancier with your outfit formulas, then the style strategies in SPT will help you know what to do!)


Business Casual Outfit: solid-colored top white blouse + black cardigan + rust straight let pants + gold pendant necklace + gray tote + leopard heels

Next is the white top in the same outfit formula using rust orange straight leg ankle pants this time. And of course, leopard print pumps because leopard is a neutral to me, and I use it as such. 😂

Business Casual Outfit: solid-colored top navy sweater + gray slacks + leopard heels + statement bib necklace + maroon bag + maroon heels

Here is the navy sweater with basic gray slacks.

Elevated Casual Outfit: solid-colored top beige balloon sleeve sweater + olive pants + tan suede flats + gold short pendant necklace + tan tote

And last, again just to get a slightly different shape and feel here with the same outfit formula, here’s an example with a sweater that has voluminous sleeves and more casual work pants.

There you have it! Three outfit formulas you can use to dress your solid-colored tops up and down in tons of different ways. The outfit formulas provide the templates or frameworks for you to plug in tons of different types of pieces to pump out tons of different outfits for different occasions!

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