On the Chopping Block

Truth be told this dress ended up fitting a little funny, so the belt and blazer are really hiding the awkwardness.  Shh, our little secret.
After I took these pictures I chopped the dress into a skirt.  And before some of you think I can sew and ask me to do tutorials, when I say “chop” I really mean I chopped it and topped it off with a hack sewing job.  Like, really hack.  I’m not even pretending to be modest.  But at least I have a new skirt to show for it!  Even though I would never let any of you take a close look at it, I’m pretty excited about it.  For some reason skirts are hard for me to find, whether they’re too short, bad for my hips, or exactly what I’m looking for but way more than I want to pay.  If it weren’t an ordeal for me to sew an elastic waistband (or…a straight line…) I would totally do this more often or even make my own skirts.  Do any of you guys do that?  Have you ever turned a dress into a skirt?  
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I try not to overwhelm you with too many shopping options…but I found way too many good navy blazers in my search.  And um…navy blazer —> fall?  It had to be done.
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Shop for the Look:

Dress: c/o SheInside (exact, similar, similar)
Blazer: H&M (similar, similar, similar)
Shoes: Target (exact)
Belt: H&M

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