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Hi everyone!  I don’t know about you, but I’ve got some Old Navy Super Cash to use, and the PMT Style Challenge ladies have been talking about what to get.  If any of you also have Super Cash and are gearing up for spring, here are some things worth checking out.  
Row 1: Completer Pieces (and the white tee…)
The spring completer pieces that I’ve gone back to year after year are a utility jacket, a utility vest, a denim jacket, and a tan faux leather jacket.  If you’re building your spring completer piece selection, I’d recommend any of those–two of which Old Navy currently has with #2 and #3.  
The utility jacket (HERE) is a tad shorter than others.  If you’re worried about it, try it with what you would tend to wear it with and see if it looks okay.  For me, I’d try it with dresses and jeans+tee.  Does it look good with at least half of my dresses and half of my jeans+tees for the spring?  
As for blazers, I’ve worn them less over the last couple of years, though I don’t think they ever go out of style.  Striped blazers give me heart eyes every time, so if you’re in the market, Old Navy’s got one in stock again this year.  The striped blazers have tended to sell out quickly in years past, so look into it soon if you’re interested.  
The peplum top (HERE) is adorable and comes in 4 colors.  Peplum tends to not work well on me, but that doesn’t stop me from trying them.  I ordered this in white to see if it’ll be the lucky winner.  🙂  
SHOP ROW 1:  striped blazer  |  utility jacket  |  denim jacket  |  peplum tee

Row 2: Jeans
Colored denim was really, really popular a few years ago, and I don’t know if it’s considered “in” right now, but I think Old Navy would.  They’ve got TONS of colors in the same cut of that distressed denim that I’ve been wearing all the time lately–the Mid-Rise Rockstar Skinny.  
I ordered #9 (HERE) a while back because I’m in need of a replacement pair of olive jeans, and they sold out almost right after I ordered.  Luckily they are fully back in stock!  They are on the more faded side, so I don’t think they’d be great for business casual outfits.
I also ordered #5 (HERE) a while ago, and in person they are a little more faded than online.  I haven’t decided if I like that or not, if I would rather have something more saturated, or if I would rather go wayyy more faded.  I still need to try this pair on with a bunch of my tops.  I’m thinking about option #6 (HERE) to see if it fits the “wayyy more faded” bill.  The image online looks good, but THEN…if you look at the video the color looks way different!  Has anyone tried these that can speak to the colors?  
White jeans are a spring staple for me, as are boyfriend jeans!  My two pairs of boyfriend jeans are from Old Navy.  I don’t have the pair shown above, but the reviews are decent.  They also come in a lighter wash.  With both of my boyfriend jeans, the reviews said to size down a lot.  I listened both times and was glad I did.  (I’m 6/8 and got 4 for both.)  Skim through these reviews, and if anyone tells you to size down, do it!  If you’re not sure, order two or even three sizes to be safe because Old Navy has free return shipping.  YAS!
SHOP ROW 2:  coral jeans  |  faded pink jeans  |  white jeans  |  boyfriend jeans  |  olive jeans  
For all Rockstar Skinny jeans, I sized way down again.  I’m normally 6/8 and got all of them in 4.  I currently have them in maroon, olive, strawberry dust (though still considering returning) and the regular distressed pair.  All of them feel a little too tight at first, then stretch out after a few hours.  The colored ones have varied in how much they stretch after the initial few hours, but they seem to stretch out less than the distressed pair. If you’re worried about if it’ll stretch enough, wear them around the house for at least 3 hours.  If they aren’t comfortable enough after that, they probably won’t stretch much more.  

Row 3:  Dresses + Other
Option #10 (HERE) is the same “pajama dress” (aka ridiculously comfy) I’ve been blogging about this season, but the short sleeve summer version.  It came in olive, but I missed it, and now olive is only available for petites.  Hopefully it comes back in stock!  If I didn’t already have a black pajama dress you know I’d be all over this.
Option #11 (HERE) is a cute little pintuck swing dress.  I don’t think I personally need this in my closet, but it’s adorable and worth highlighting.
Option #12 (HERE) also comes in black, AND THEY HAVE POCKETS!  I ordered this with my Super Cash and hope it works out!  I bought a very similar one from Target many months ago, but it ended up being quick to wrinkle, so I returned it.  I have a hard time remixing shirt dresses and tend to only wear them one way, but I still love them for how easy they are to wear.  You can look polished or professional in one of these in a snap.  
Option #13 (HERE) – I’ve been looking for joggers to wear around the house, and these have high reviews.  Joggers tend not to work well with my larger rear and thighs, but again, that doesn’t stop me from trying them.  Ordered these and hoping for the best!
Option #14 (HERE) – Since I’m on sabbatical I’ve been running and exercising more and am slowly adding to my athletic gear as needed.  This sports bra has fairly high reviews, comes in lots of colors, and starts at $9 in some colors.  Heads up though: a bunch of reviews said it runs really, really small.  I ordered Purple Rain to try–and ordered Large based on reviews, even though my chest is pretty small!  
SHOP ROW 3:  black dress  |  blue dress  |  shirt dress  |  joggers  |  sports bra

If you all found any winners, let us know in the comments, please!  
Also, the PMT Winter Style Challenge is now over, and that means you can get the shopping list + 45 outfits at a discounted rate–originally $39 marked down to $24.  This is great if you want to take advantage of current end-of-winter sales, and especially great if you are in a very cold area with no sign of spring yet.  Get access HERE.  
Lastly, I’m currently working on a PMT Spring Style Challenge!  Registration should launch around mid/late March, and the challenge will start in early April.  I’ll post more details as I start to get into the weeds.  Currently trying to pare down the spring capsule shopping list!  


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