REVIEWS: Summer Items from Amazon and Old Navy Under $29

REVIEWS: Summer Items from Amazon and Old Navy Under $29

Reviews: Amazon & Old Navy Under $30

I recently placed a few orders from Amazon and Old Navy, so today I’ll review some of the more notable items.  All of these items are between $10 and $29, and I can’t wait to share them with you!

SIZING: I’m 5’6″ with a shorter torso and usually S/M or 6 in clothes, 8.5 to 9 in shoes.


Floral Maxi Dress – size S
This dress is a fantastic find from someone in the PMT Facebook group.  It’s under $24 and comes in 8 prints!  It’s very stretchy and comfy, made of a smoother material rather than the cotton-y feeling one.  I liked how it fit me around the bust–fitted and flattering without squeezing me in any way.  I appreciate that the waistband provides shape and that the dress has pockets!

It’s a very pretty, comfy, and easy to wear dress.  But for whatever reason I just wasn’t jumping with delight inside as I was wearing it, so I returned it.  That doesn’t mean it might not be great for you, though!  If you are looking for an easy to wear dress, perhaps for a summer vacation or dressy casual outdoor summer event, this is a great, affordable option to try.  See all 8 prints HERE.


Striped Dress – size S
This surprised me by being thicker than typical dresses of this style, especially from Amazon.  I don’t know if I like that or not! ? While I generally don’t like the paper thin dresses from Amazon, this one is much thicker than that.  I’m wondering if it’s TOO thick for summer, especially given that it’s a longer dress.  Anyway, for you to decide based on your own body temp and climate temp!  🙂

I love that it has pockets.  It’s got a waistband to provide some shape.  It *almost* hits me like an empire waistband, but I’m thinking it hits me a little lower because my torso is shorter.  It’s a midi length with a racerback.

The chest was a bit wide for me, but if your chest is larger than mine it should be totally fine.  Though it’s on the thicker side, you can mildly see through it with darker underwear.  Not a problem with nude underwear, though.

Easy, casual option when you want to look put together but have it be effortless.  Comes in 5 striped colors that you can see HERE.


A&D Cardigan – Small/Medium
Back in the fall/winter I was sharing a really, reallyyyyy soft sweater that I loved (THIS one).  This is the cardigan version of that sweater!  That same super, super soft material, and a medium thickness.  Back in the fall or winter, I was frequently wearing a tan cardigan from Nordstrom that many of you were asking about, but mine was no longer available.  I saw this one on Amazon in a very similar color, so I ordered it to try in hopes it’d be a good similar option for you guys.  I ended up loving it so much that I kept it, haha!  (This is how I end up with way too many things in my closet–shopping to try things for you all and liking them so much that I keep them too–and why I constantly need to purge my closet! ??)

I’ve had the tan one since winter, but I recently ordered the pink one as well to replace a similar one in my closet that is now too big for me.  The color of the pink one is a bit more muted and warm (or muddy? haha) than appears online.  Also, the pink one is a bit bigger than my tan one, so I’m not sure what to make of that.

I wear size Small/Medium.  Comes in 7 colors that you can see HERE.


Ruched Dress – size M
Do you remember the super flattering, super comfortable Leith dress from Nordstrom that I shared a couple of weeks ago?  (See it on me and hear more about it HERE.)  I saw this one from Amazon recently that’s less than half the price, so of course I had to try it!  Here’s my comparison.

Above on the left in grey is the Nordstrom one.  The blue on the right is the Amazon one.  The Nordstrom one is super, super flattering thanks to its shape and the ruching along the front.  The front has two layers which I find helpful with a bodycon shaped dress to conceal things better.  However, the back is only a single layer, and that was the one thing I wished was different.

The Amazon one is good, but honestly not as great as the Nordstrom one.  Perhaps it was because I had the wrong size?  But I don’t know…I wouldn’t have wanted the hips to fit any tighter.  Anyway, I love that both the front AND back have two layers.  I wore size M in the Nordstrom one, but size M for the Amazon one doesn’t fit me well.  The bust is much larger, and I felt like the ruching isn’t as prominent, which is what I feel makes the Nordstrom one so flattering.  When I put the Nordstrom one on, it had an immediate WOW factor, whereas I didn’t feel that with the Amazon one.

However, it IS much cheaper and at least worth trying given it offers free shipping and free return shipping in many sizes/colors.  If the Amazon one works better for you than it does for me, and you feel that WOW factor in it, then obviously keep the Amazon one.  Lucky you!  Unfortunately for me, the Amazon one didn’t give me that WOW factor like the Nordstrom one did, and that higher price tag is totally worth that wow factor.

The Amazon dress comes in 14 colors HERE in both tank and short sleeved version.


Romper – size S
There is a very similar romper to this that I tried from Nordstrom (HERE), but of course the Nordstrom one is much more expensive.  I wanted to see how this compared.  This is from Daily Ritual, which is an Amazon-made brand that focuses on quality pieces at a lower cost.  Honestly, I like this Amazon romper more, for several reasons.  First, I felt the Nordstrom one was too thin for my comfort level, and this one is thicker.  The inseam is also a bit longer than the Nordstrom one, which I definitely prefer.  The torso is a tad long for me, but I have a shorter torso so that is often a problem for me with rompers and jumpsuits.  Because of the elastic waistband and drawstring, I can pull the waistband up to wherever I need.  That works, as long as you don’t mind some material bunching at the waistband.

This one comes in 4 colors which you can see HERE.


Be Kind T-Shirt – size S
I’ve been looking for a happy pink-ish/mauve-ish graphic tee with a great drape.  I like the design of this one and was hoping this would be it, but it didn’t quite work out for me.  One, the color isn’t as bright as I’d hoped.  It’s a muted mauve which is quite pretty, but just not what I was looking for.  Also, it’s 27.5″ long which is too long for me.

If a muted mauve tee that’s on the longer side sounds like your jam, check it out HERE!


Pineapple T-Shirt – size S
I liked the fit of this one much more!  I also liked that the color is a happier mauvey-pink but not super duper bright.  Also, while the Be Kind tee was soft, this one is a bit softer with a slightly better drape.  It’s also only 25.25″ long which is a great length for me.  Despite all that, as cute as the pineapple is, I’m still contemplating if I want the pineapple design or something else.  It comes in this pink and a darker blue HERE.  Only $16.99!

Since I liked the material and fit of this one a lot, I’m going to check out what other tees this seller has.  Like perhaps this super happy YELLOW tee.  Because, duh. ?? You can check out their designs HERE.


Old Navy

Grey Shorts – showing size S on top and M below (
I have a very hard time finding shorts that fit around my thighs and that aren’t super, super short. So I was delighted to find these!

They are activewear shorts, and they are pretty light weight with quick-dry material that also has stretch–quite comfy!  There’s elastic on the sides and back of the waistband.  I love the zipper pockets on the side so I don’t have to worry about my car key falling out.

I tried both size S and size M, and size S fit best. The first set of pictures is size S while the bottom set of pics is size M.   Size M fit comfortably and there was plenty of room without worrying they would fall off, but the leg holes were too wide—something I almost never say!  Because my upper half is smaller than my bottom half, when my shorts are too wide it can look a little funny.

The leg opening is 12.75″ when laid flat in size S.

I liked these so much that I went back later to order them in black too!  They come in black, grey, and olive HERE.


Purple shorts – size M Tall
These are running shorts, but I use running shorts for tons of other activities too.  They have an elastic waistband with a drawstring, the built-in underwear type thing ? that running shorts have, and moisture-wicking tech.  They are very lightweight and quick-drying.

Based on previously trying similar shorts from Old Navy and seeing these on the models, I suspected that they’d be incredibly short.  So, I ordered sizes S, M, and M Tall.  Size S was too snug/short, size M was also far too short, but I thought size M Tall was a good length!  However, they might be a little wide for me.  Trying to figure out if that’s okay given their length and shape, compared to the grey pair above.  I would order a S Tall to compare, but the Talls are all sold out in this color!

Leg opening is 13.5″ across when laid flat.

They come in 6 pretty colors for summer, including light yellow and aqua!  See them all HERE.


Pink Tank – size M Petite
Lightweight, comfy tank that’s only $16.99 and even less on sale!  It’s mildly see through, which I don’t mind at all for workout gear because I’ll likely be wearing a sports bra with it.

Workout tanks are often too long on me, thanks to my shorter torso.  I tried this in S, M, S Petite, and M Petite and liked M Petite best.  Sizes S and SP weren’t quite roomy enough in the midsection, and size M was too long and loose.  M Petite hits me right where I want it to while still having enough material for me to tie it if I want to.  The armholes are still low on me, even in petite, which I think is how these athletic tanks typically are.  I was wearing a regular bra for this try-on, but with a sports bra it’d be no problem.

Size M Petite is 25″ long.  This comes in 5 different prints/colors/designs.  I really, really like how lightweight this is without feeling paper thin.  Tempted to order another print!  See all the prints HERE.

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