#NSale Try-Ons of 25 Items + EVERYONE Can Shop!

Today, EVERYONE can shop the #NSale! I’m reviewing 25 items from this year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and I’ll have more soon once my online order arrives.

I went into the store last week to try some items. Some of these items are already low in stock (gahhhh this sale loves to drive us crazy)! But even though many items don’t get restocked, there are always a few delightful surprises that do, so I am sharing items that are sold out anyway, just in case!

While there are not as many things that excite me from this year’s sale as there have been in years past, there are still a few great pieces that I’m here for. And really, sometimes just two or three or four additions–if they’re the right ones–can completely transform your entire wardrobe. If your wardrobe is built well, you don’t need a whole lot of new stuff to refresh it. Also remember, all of the PMT Tried & True items that are on sale are still AWESOME to check out, and those will definitely help you build your wardrobe!

There are a few items I love and a few items I didn’t love, and I’m sharing all about them today!

And remember, you can check out ALL of my #NSale highlights at the PMT Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Shopping Guide.

SIZING: I’m 5’6″ and usually S/M or 6 in clothes and 8.5 to 9 in shoes.


Dolce Vita Sneakers – size 8.5
You’ve probably heard me say that slip-on sneakers or low-profile sneakers are key to upgrading your casual outfits. One style I show often is THIS pair from Dr. Scholl’s, which is classic and goes with everything.

Well, the pair I’m wearing here is a trendier option that will add a modern element to all of your outfits. I LOVE how much they update old outfits–just by changing shoes! (If you aren’t interested in trends, go for something like the Dr. Scholl’s slip-on style, which again is classic and timeless. You will still look up to date without having to worry about trends!)

This pair has a cushioned footbed and soft leather upper. One note is the heel is shallow, so be mindful of that if you often have problems with heels slipping off. Always worth trying though, since Nordstrom offers free shipping and free return shipping on all orders.

I can slip these on without having to tie anything, which is a MUST for me. The laces aren’t meant to be tied anyway.

I wanted the White/Tan Perf color way, but it wasn’t in store so they brought out this White/Black Perf one and I kinda fell in love with it! Worked perfectly with the black tee I was wearing, ha! Ordered the White/Tan Perf too, though. 😊 I’m digging the white/black ones though! Comes in several colors.

Wit & Wisdom Girlfriend Jeans – size 6
I honestly felt the Wit & Wisdom selection left a lot to be desired, aside from the Tried & True classics that I have been wearing on repeat for years and absolutely recommend! (If you need good jeans to start with, check my Tried & True recs first.)

BUT, this pair of girlfriend jeans is a good one! They are of course stretchy and comfortable with that game-changing elastic in the waistband. They are thicker than some other pairs, though, which is great for helping you feel held-in, but not AS soft and heavenly-feeling as some other pairs. Still great, though! I love the length and mild distressing, and the medium wash dresses up and down super easily.


BP Booties – size 8.5
I was interested in these, hoping the shaft would be high enough and narrow enough to work well with slimmer straight leg jeans. I’d say they’re *almost* there. They’ll work with a lot of pants, but the shaft isn’t quite high enough to clearly work with all jeans, the way this other pair of booties I have from Amazon does. That said, it does work perfectly with these girlfriend jeans, sitting right on top of them. And, the shaft is high enough for several other straight leg jeans that I own (Always test new shoes with your go-to pants and new pants with shoes you’d want to pair with them!) The lower heel is a huge plus, too!

The tan color way is BEAUTIFUL! It’s really light, so it’ll work well with a lot of outfits without feeling too heavy or overpowering. Also comes in grey.

Caslon Utility Jacket – size S
Caslon utility jackets are always lightweight with some stretch and are easy to move around in, this one included! It has a classic, military-esque style and adjustable drawstring that allows you to cinch in the waist and create shape. Comes in two colors.

These are the Wit & Wisdom girlfriend jeans.


Caslon Plaid Shirt – tried XS
Very soft and cozy. Drapes pretty well. I wanted size S, which wasn’t in store, so I tried XS which is a TAD snug across my broad shoulders, but it stretched out well with a steamer. Unfortunately this is sold out online right now, but hopefully it’ll get restocked!

This print is modern and looks great with updated sneakers like the Dolce Vita ones. It’s super long, so I recommend doing a loose tuck in the back as well.

A similar option that is also part of the sale is THIS one by BP.

These are the Wit & Wisdom girlfriend jeans.


Treasure & Bond Turtleneck – size S
Medium thickness and cozy! Loose fit. Sleeves won’t stay up because they are really loose, so I would find that annoying throughout the day. Otherwise, cozy, comfy sweater that has a stylish relaxed fit and can probably be worn over leggings as well as slim jeans and skinny jeans. Comes in several colors.

Note: One thing to watch for is that Treasure & Bond sweaters tend to fuzz a ton after a while, so I’m hesitant to call this a winner. 😫

These are the Wit & Wisdom girlfriend jeans.


Caslon Pointelle Sweater – size XS
Cute sweater that is thick and has visual interest from the pointelle neckline and specks of green through out. Tucks okay—not the best but not the worst either. But looks great untucked with skinny jeans, which I tried later at home! 😊

These are the Wit & Wisdom girlfriend jeans.


Organic Cotton Blend Sweater – size S
Soft and cozy! It’s 27″ long, so it could work great with leggings for most people. Not great in a tuck from the side, as you can see it sticking out in the sideview. If that doesn’t bother you, or if you only plan to wear it at tunic-length, then no big deal. Also, this again is by Treasure & Bond, which tends to pill and fuzzy over time. I’d personally pass on this for the inability to tuck it into jeans and for fear of pilling. 

Wit & Wisdom Slim Crop Jeans – size 6
These are not part of the #NSale, but they are available. VERY comfortable! Super duper soft and stretchy and has the elastic strip in the waistband. I’ve had them for 2.5 years. These are the jeans that I always tell you are great to transition from skinnies to straight cuts. They are technically skinnies, so they hug your hips and thighs, but they are wider at the bottom and give the appearance of straight leg jeans. See other ways I’ve worn them, HERE.


Speckled Sweater – size S
This sweater is thick and cozy and soooo cute with the speckled details. It’s long, too, and would work well with leggings but not great in a loose tuck, as it sticks out quite a bit from the side. Plus, it’s another by Treasure & Bond, which I am always worried will pill and fuzz. 

These are the Wit & Wisdom Slim Crop Jeans.


Vero Moda Sweater – size M
Had high hopes for this, but I’m still not fully decided about it. I like the shape and how it’s not super long like the other sweaters, so it works better in a tuck. But, these are very thin and have a super open knit. It makes me wonder if it’s really worth $40-something, even though thickness is not always an indication of good or bad quality. It just makes me want to examine it more closely and spend more time evaluating it before I conclude anything. Gotta play with it in my closet more before deciding if I’ll keep it or not. The open knit would be helpful in warmer fall weather, though! I do think it’s worth checking out still and evaluating for yourself! I sized up to M as this is somewhat fitted and I wanted it to be looser. Comes in several colors.

Another option in a similar color that might be thicker and cozier is this sweater from Topshop. Very cute!

These are the Wit & Wisdom Slim Crop Jeans.


KUT From the Kloth Moto Jacket – size S
I THOUGHT this would be just like the one I bought last year, but it’s not. Sorry about that! It’s really, really soft, flexible, and comfortable. But, whereas I described last year’s as very lightweight, this one is much heavier and more substantial. Really good jacket and still comfortable! Several colors.

These are the Wit & Wisdom girlfriend jeans.


Caslon Popover Top – size S
This is a nice, lightweight top that can be worn with jeans and paired with black slacks for work. Super easy to wear with details like buttons, seams at the shoulder, and a print to add style. Several prints available. 

These are the Wit & Wisdom girlfriend jeans.


Caslon Boatneck Sweater – size M
This is thin but suuuuper soft and cozy. However, two things I don’t love. First, the boatneck shows my bra strap, so that’s a no-go. Second, I don’t love the drape, as the shirt constantly looks “caught” on something or bunched up and in need of adjusting. Very soft and feels great, but I need my clothes to drape more effortlessly than that.

These are the Wit & Wisdom girlfriend jeans.


Caslon Rib Sweater – size S
I’m on the fence about this one. It’s soft and feels good, but the drape is similar to the one above and gets a little bunched and needs adjusting after movement, though not quite as bad. One note is that it has dolman sleeves which will add volume to your top half.

These are the Wit & Wisdom girlfriend jeans.


Caslon Blazer – size S
Updated version of a PMT favorite! This blazer feels like a thin sweatshirt, and it’s soft, stretchy, and very comfy! This year’s version has a single button and an angled hem, giving it a sharper look!

These are the Wit & Wisdom girlfriend jeans.


Wit & Wisdom Pants – size 4
SUPER stretchy, smooth, and soft. So, so comfy! Totally worth it on sale to have a polished pair of standard work pants that are insanely comfortable!

One thing I don’t love, though, is that the opening has a hook closure but no zipper! So you just stretch the uber-stretchy waistband over your hips and hope you don’t break the seam. 😂 I have curvy, Hourglass hips, and though I was able to do it, I would worry about having to do it repeatedly. It might not be an issue if you have straighter hips.

I’d rather go for THESE pants from Nordstrom Rack, which also feel great but are cheaper. The Wit & Wisdoms above are still worth checking out if you’re in the market, though, and especially if you have a straighter figure.

Printed Top (from Kohl’s, not NSale, super affordable) – size S
This is from Kohl’s, not Nordstrom, but it’s a great piece and is super affordable!

A note about blouses in the #NSale…
TBH, I’m usually not a huge fan of the non-staple/basic blouses during the #NSale. Of course you can probably find one or two that are worthwhile, but in general, I typically don’t think they’re worth the money, even on sale. I do love these blouses by Halogen that aren’t on sale but totally worth it. And then, there are super affordable options elsewhere, such as the one I’m wearing from Kohl’s above.

However, for staple/basic tops, the ones on the PMT Tried & True list are awesome and will be in style (and have been in style) for YEARS and are totally worth it on sale.


Wit & Wisdom Wide Leg Pants – size 4
These are thick, stretchy, and very comfy! They don’t fit me perfectly, but they’re worth checking out if you want to change up your workwear and add some wide leg printed trousers that are super comfortable!

Camisole – size S
This camisole is one of my Tried & True staples. It’s lined, so it’s not see-through. The detail at the neckline gives it visual interest and keeps it from looking purely like an undershirt. It layers well under cardigans, blazers, moto jackets—basically anything!


Wrap Cardigan – size M
Cute fitted sweater that is shorter and should pair nicely with straight leg and wider leg pants. On the thinner side. It’s still a bit too long for my torso, so it doesn’t sit at the proper spot on me. Otherwise a good option to try that is chic and adds a polished, modern vibe.

These are the Wit & Wisdom Slim Crop Jeans.


Zella Top – size S
I own this shirt in other colors, but this color is 😍! This shirt is thin and soft and pairs perfectly with Zella leggings. I love that it has thumbholes! Great top to throw on for hikes and light activity or post-workout. Comes in several colors.

Zella Vest – wearing size M but need S
I believe this is currently sold out but will hopefully come back. I could only find size M in store, which is too big. But, the vest itself is a really, really cute topper for athleisure outfits and for a sweater with jeans!

Zella Live-In Leggings – size M
These are a Tried & True favorite. Really great leggings that are thick, opaque, and have a high and wide waistband that doesn’t fold over on you. Also, these have some compression which helps hold everything in place and is more flattering. I typically wear size S for Zella leggings, but I wear size M in these for some reason.


Zella Restore Joggers – size S
These are VERY soft and comfy with kind of a fuzzy (but not actually fuzzy) feel. I own Restore leggings, and these feel similar, but in jogger form. That said, these joggers are quite fitted and basically look like loose leggings, haha! Sporty, cool vibe. A little loose for me around the hips, and you can see the pockets are sticking out around my curvy hips. Worth checking out if you want some super comfortable joggers that aren’t really bulky!

Steve Madden Lug sole boots (not shown) – size 8.5
I didn’t get a picture of these booties, but I tried them in-store and they have a cool vibe and are fairly comfortable. They also have a high shaft that will go well with straight leg ankle length jeans. I didn’t buy them because while they are comfy, they didn’t fit perfectly on my heel. Good pair to check out if you’re in the market, though!

I placed an order online with more items that I’d like to try and will review those when they arrive!

Until then, if you’d like more options, click the link below! ⬇️

Click here to find MORE of my #NSale Highlights


I said above that if you have a well-built wardrobe, you don’t need to add a lot of pieces to refresh it. Having some KEY pieces will help you pull together outfits more easily AND create MORE outfits with LESS pieces!

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