Try-Ons #2: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2021

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2021 Try-Ons Round 2

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2021 Try-Ons Round 2

It’s time for Try-On Session #2 from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! On 7/28, everyone will be able to shop the sale. Add these to your Nordstrom Wish List if you’re interested in trying them out!

There are some goooood pieces in this one (and some not-so-good-ones, heh), so let’s get straight to it!

SIZING INFO: I’m 5’6″ and usually S/M or 6 in clothes and 8.5 to 9 in shoes.


NSale Nicer Casual Outfit: white tee + straight leg jeans + cream long cardigan + nude suede loafers + gold initial pendant necklace

Caslon Cardigan – size XS
Great cardigan! Medium thickness and fairly cozy (thicker than BP cardigans that have been in past NSales). Feels sturdy rather than flimsy and should not lose its shape and get wonky with time. The shape is on the straighter side and really simple. I’ll be honest that I find it a tad itchy, which I’m hoping goes away upon being washed. (How come no one else finds these cardigans itchy? Maybe my arms are just sensitive to that! 🤪) But, I really, really like it. Comes in 6 colors, HERE. I wear size XS—these run very large, so size down.


NSale Nicer Casual Outfit: white tee + straight leg jeans + cream long cardigan + gold initial pendant necklace

Kate Spade Initial Necklace
I’ve been wanting a shorter pendant for times I worry about my longer pendant being yanked off or when it gets sandwiched between me and a kid. I like the size of this one a lot. At first glance, it was a lot more yellow and shiny than I thought it’d be based on the product image. But after wearing it a bit, I think it works for the cases I’d hoped it’d work for! It’s a keeper for me, especially at just $29.90 on sale! Find it HERE.


NSale Nicer Casual Outfit: black and white striped tee + straight leg jeans + cream long cardigan + gold initial pendant necklace + nude suede loafers NSale Nicer Casual Outfit: Halogen modal black and white striped tee + Wit & Wisdom light denim straight leg jeans + gold initial pendant necklace + nude suede loafers

Halogen Modal Tee – size M
Veryyyyyyy soft, stretchy, and so comfy! Retains shape. Very fitted, so it’s better for fully tucking into high-waisted pants and skirts but not great for a loose, drapey front tuck. Comes in the black and white stripes as well as 4 solid colors, HERE. I wear size M—runs small. If you wear it with the soft Caslon blazer, the super stretchy Vince Camuto slacks, or Wit & Wisdom Ab-solution jeans, you’ll be sooooo comfy at work. 😊

The jeans in this picture and most of the other outfits here are the Wit & Wisdom CoolMax straight legs that I reviewed in Try-Ons #1, HERE. It’s summer, so I haven’t spent a day in them (just the time in them for all these try-on pics), but I THINK they might be my favorite jeans of the sale! Fairly thick but stretchy, so they feel secure but comfy at the same time. And stretchy waistband! Still TBD on whether the CoolMax thing is actually effective, but I did noticeably feel hotter in some other W&W jeans from the sale this time around. Nearly sold out, but hoping they come back! Check them out HERE. I wear size 4.


NSale Nicer Casual Outfit: Wit & Wisdom light denim straight leg jeans + beige sweater + gold initial pendant necklace + nude suede loafers NSale Nicer Casual Outfit: nude suede loafers + Wit & Wisdom light denim straight leg jeans + Treasure & Bond red orange sweater + gold initial pendant necklace

Treasure & Bond Hi/Low Crewneck Sweater – size S
Soooooo soft and comfy! Very, very lightweight, but very, very cozy feeling. Oversized, relaxed fit with decent drape so that you can do a partial tuck without it sticking out awkwardly from the side, like some sweaters tend to do. I wouldn’t say this is the most flattering sweater, haha, but I’m okay with that oversized fit, and it’s just SO DANG SOFT! However, I don’t know how it’ll wash given how fuzzy it is, so just be mindful of that. Comes in 4 colors, HERE. I wear size S.

NSale Nicer Casual Outfit: light yellow sweater + Wit & Wisdom light denim straight leg jeans + nude suede loafers + gold initial pendant necklace

BP Rib Neck Sweater – size S
Good sweater with a stylish, slightly cropped cut that would work well with high-waisted jeans. This is heavier weight than the Treasure & Bond sweaters above. It’s not that suuuuuper soft type of material, but because of that, I wouldn’t worry about it getting weird in the wash. I didn’t love how this looked untucked, whereas I felt the T&B one looked fine untucked and tucking was optional. If you tuck this sweater in, you can’t fold out or blouse it out, or it’ll stick out from the side. But, it works if you tuck it flatly and don’t blouse it out. Comes in 3 colors, HERE.

NSale Casual Athleisure Outfit: navy sweatshirt + black leggings + black sneakers + gold initial pendant necklace

Zella Studio Lite Pocket Leggings – size S
These are not what I thought they were gonna be, and honestly upon my VERY FIRST attempt to try these on, I was really put off by them. I actually didn’t even get them on—they were so tight, and I didn’t love how the material felt just by holding them in my hands. However, I gave them a second try, suspecting they were originally tight because it was just such a hot day, and liked them much more the second time around. Ha! They fit perfectly in size S, and they had a lot of stretch and felt pretty good once they were on. However, they still aren’t as buttery soft as my pair of Studio Lites from years ago. But, I think these kind of hold you in a little bit better. Tradeoffs, I suppose. Find them in a few colors HERE. I wear these in S.

Zella Peaceful Pullover – size S
This is a thin, relaxed, oversized pullover shirt that is verrrryyyyyy soft. I really like the slouchy fit, but you can also tie a knot in it if you want more definition. Feels good for loungewear, or one of the notes on the product site said you could throw it on when headed to a yoga session. I wish it had thumbholes, but that’s not a deal breaker. Comes in 4 colors, HERE.


NSale Casual Athleisure Outfit: navy sweatshirt + black leggings + black sneakers + black puffer jacket + gold initial pendant necklace

Bernardo Puffer Jacket – size S
THIS IS GREAT! Great medium-weight jacket that is really comfy, thanks to its neoprene side panels with lots of stretch. Sporty and ULTRA flattering. Has thumbholes and a removable inner layer (which also removes the hood). Wear it with jeans and sneakers for a casual day or with leggings and a sweatshirt for activewear. Can fold into itself to become a pouch for easy travel if you’re on the go or active. So good! Comes in 3 colors, HERE. I wear size S.

Other Bernardo jackets to check out during the sale are this longer Quilted Puffer Coat and the Fleece Trim Quilted Puffer Coat.

NSale Casual Athleisure Outfit: navy sweatshirt + black leggings + black sneakers + black puffer jacket + gold initial pendant necklace Side and closeup

Adidas Sneakers – size 8.5
You know I love my Nike Tanjuns because of the memory foam footbed, but these are Katie’s favorite sneakers, so I wanted to try them out. Plus, Tanjuns don’t work for everyone—we all have different foot needs. The soles on these aren’t as squishy as the Tanjuns, which is great if you’re looking for something a little tougher and perhaps a tad more supportive. These are narrower in the arch, but have a wide toe box—without it looking really flat and wide. Personally, they might be a tad narrow around the arch of my foot, so I need to walk around in them a bit and see how they feel over time. But in general, I really like the style, and they feel sturdy while being lightweight! Find them HERE.


NSale Business Casual Outfit: polka dot tank + black slacks + blue pumps + white earrings

Vince Camuto Polka Dot Tank – size S
Great tank for work! Flows nicely, doesn’t cling to you or wrinkle. The print adds visual interest while still being very versatile. Easy to wear under a cardigan or blazer, or wear it by itself on a warm day. Pair it with slacks in almost any color or tuck it into a skirt. Great work piece! Find it HERE.

The pants are the super stretchy, soft Vince Camuto pants that are one of my closet staples—also part of the NSale, so get them while you can, HERE! I wear size 4. I reviewed them in Try-Ons #1, HERE.

Vince Camuto Polka Dot 3/4 Sleeve Top – size S
The long-sleeve version of the top above with all the same great features. Find it HERE.


NSale Nicer Casual Outfit: rust puff sleeve top + Wit & Wisdom light denim straight leg jeans + nude suede loafers + gold initial pendant necklace

Thread & Supply Shirt – size S
Better-than-a-basic long sleeve t-shirt. Same comfort and ease as a tee, but the puff sleeve details make it look fancier. I wasn’t inclined to give this a second thought, but after trying it on and styling it, it won me over! Very soft and comfy to wear. Currently sold out, but I wanted to review it in case it comes back. I really like it! Find it HERE.

NSale Casual Outfit: gray hoodie sweatshirt + blue skinny jeans + nude shearling-lined booties + white earrings

Treasure & Bond Hoodie – size S
Augh, I’m so sad this is almost sold out (hopefully it’ll restock or you can catch people’s returns). This hoodie sweater is super soft, just like the hi/low sweater above, and cozy but lightweight. It’s tunic length on me. Again, I don’t know how it’ll wash. Try to track it down HERE. I wear size S.

Gentle Souls sneaker booties NSale

Gentle Souls Sneaker Booties – size 9
Lined with faux-shearling to keep you extra warm! The soul is flat with no wedge, so they are easy to wear all day. Find them HERE.

NSale Casual Outfit: olive tee + blue skinny jeans + nude slip-on sneakers + white earrings

Caslon T-shirt – size S
This is the same tee as my favorite white one, in olive. I wanted to replace my current olive tee that I bought years ago but don’t really wear. I realized it was too dark for me, and I like this slightly brighter olive green a whole lot more. This tee is thin, but because of that it has a great drape. It’s somewhat see-through in white but not a prob in other colors. Comes in 8 solid colors and 6 prints, HERE.

Wit & Wisdom Skinny Ankle Jeans – size 4
SUPER, super soft, stretchy, and very comfy. Even softer than some of the other W&W jeans! Elastic waistband for extra comfort. Just a great pair of comfy jeans! Find them HERE.

(Shoes are from the NSale 2 years ago… I think?)


Steve Madden booties NSale

Steve Madden Booties – size 9
Gorgeous booties! The taupe color in person is beautiful, and the cutout is a great, stylish detail. There is a tiny bit of cushion in the footbed.


Casual Outfit NSale: white tee + blue skinny jeans + olive jacket + nude slip-on sneakers

Thread & Supply Jacket
Wellllll, I thought this was going to be just an updated version of a jacket I bought during last year’s sale and LOVED, which was smooth on the outside but cozy and fuzzy on the inside. But, this is not the same at all. Doh! This jacket is all cloth with a very boxy and oversized fit and wider arms, but the bottom part around the hips is relatively narrower. Translation: It looked very boxy and big on me, but sizing down meant it wouldn’t zip around my curvier hips.

What I do like is that it is a cool casual jacket that you could easily wear with jeans, a tee or sweatshirt, and sneakers. The inside is not fuzzy, but the jacket is plenty thick for a fall day.

The cut doesn’t work for me, but if you have a straighter figure or narrower hips, then it might be better… or if you just like a boxier fit in general. I’m wearing size M above, but size S was similarly oversized.

It comes in olive and black, HERE.


NSale Casual Outfit: white tee + blue skinny jeans + gray quilted zip-up hoodie jacket + nude slip-on sneakers + white earrings

Caslon Quilted Zip-up Jacket – size S
Similar casual, cotton jacket to the one above but with a different fit. It is still a little boxy, but nowhere near as oversized as the Thread & Supply one. In fact, the arms were a little tight at the elbows whenever I bent them, at least in size S. I only had XS and S to try, so I can’t say if sizing up to M would have been better.

Fit aside, I actually really liked this jacket for casual wear with sneakers and jeans. It felt fairly warm without being super thick. Comes in 3 colors, HERE.

Kendra Scott Long Pendant Necklaces (not shown)
I’m not so sure about these. They’re not as big as I’d hoped they’d be, and more importantly, I don’t feel like they feel as good as I want them to feel, even at the $50 sale price. I think I’d rather go for the full-priced Kendra Scott necklace instead. (See one in white HERE and turquoise HERE.)

Okay, a couple of the ladies on the PMT team shopped the sale a bit, too, so here are some of their finds! Katie is roughly the same height and size as I am, and Cecilia is a petite 5’1″. Here are a couple of things they liked.


NSale Casual Outfit Pool Coverup: white oversized tee + denim shorts + swimsuit coverup + tan sandals

Katie’s Oversize T-shirt – size M
Katie, here! I have been on the hunt for something to EASILY toss over a swimsuit that gave me coverage & felt effortless, and didn’t look too cutesy! So when I saw this oversized tank, I had to try it. For me, it’s a KEEPER. See it HERE!

Here’s what I love about it: It’s very oversized (VERY!), but that’s what I was going for. I’m 5’7, and the hi-low aspect means it covers my bum in the back and that’s hard to come by (yay!). It has pockets! And it has a big open neckline which is preferred for me. If you’d rather just tuck it into some shorts, you can do that too-but opt for a smaller size! Also note, the white is a little see-through, but I don’t mind especially since my purpose is for a swimsuit cover-up! Comes in a few colors. See it HERE!
Sizing info: I’m 5’7 and wearing the size Medium—it runs HUGE. Very very very oversized!

NSale Elevated Casual Outfit: leopard cheetah ruched sleeve top + black jeans

Cecilia’s Ruched Sleeve Top – size XS
Cecilia here, and I’m a petite 5’1″. This top is kind of a winner in how incredibly soft it is and how well it drapes, plus the ruffled neckline and ruched sleeves give it some nice feminine details. I also love the cheetah print with the bright pink centers… kind of a fun take on cheetah! (As if cheetah wasn’t enough fun on its own!) It also comes in a black-and-white version; see them HERE. If animal print isn’t your thing, this silhouette also comes in solid-colored, polka dot, colored floral, and black-and-white floral versions. I’m wearing my usual size of XS.

Wit & Wisdom Raw Hem Straight Leg Jeans – wearing size 00 but kept 00P
These jeans are the same ones Audrey reviewed in Try-Ons #1, HERE, and they really are all that! SO STRETCHY, COMFY, yet keep their shape! I love the washed black rinse! I sized down in these, though Audrey mentions how she kept her usual size. I’m wearing size 00 here, but it comes in PETITE(!!), which I ended up keeping in 00P. Definitely worth a try!
Sizing info: I’m 5’1″ and wear XS/0/25.

NSale Casual Outfit: blue jeans + Vans tie-dye sneakers

Katie’s Platform Sneakers
Katie again! I snagged these adorable Vans platform sneakers, and I loooove them!! They have a subtle little bit of faded tie-dye on them which makes ’em playful and fun. Loving them with jeans or even with my workout leggings! Both my 11 & 9 year old daughters confirmed that I looked “so cool” and that is a WIN these days 🙂 If this design is a little much for you they also come in a cute off-white/marshmallow shade. Check them out HERE! (Sizing Tip: I find Vans run about a half size *smaller* than my typical size.)

NSale Casual Athleisure Outfit: clay twist front tank + petite black joggers + gray joggers

Cecilia’s Zella Tank – size XXS
Cecilia here again! I’ve been thinking recently that I should up my athleisure style game. Most of the stuff I buy is on clearance (read: all the colors that didn’t sell), which means I look like Rainbow Bright in a Zumba class. Which is why I love this twist-front tank! It’s cute AND a good price! Win-win! 🙌 It’s thin but not unsubstantial and though it’s loose, the twist at the hem gathers the front for a flattering silhouette. The top does NOT ride up when I lift my arms—SCORE! It runs a bit big, so I sized down to an XXS (on LEFT), though I could have definitely gotten away with my usual XS (on RIGHT) for a roomier, more relaxed fit. Non-petites can probably go with usual size. It comes in 4 colors, which you can find HERE!

Zella Restore Joggers – size XS
I’m also always looking for joggers that fit my smaller frame! The Zella Restore Joggers (on RIGHT) are super soft and though not petite sizing, they fit a petite frame well. They come in 3 colors, HERE! I’m wearing XS.
Sizing info: I’m 5’1″ and usually wear XS/0/25 in clothing.
Remember, you can check the PMT Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Page to see ALL of our reviews, including more from Cecilia and Katie.
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