Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020 First Glance Favorites

Woohoo, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (aka NSale) is approaching, and this year Nordstrom is letting us preview all the items that will be part of the sale!

Last week I wrote all about Why Shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale plus announced that I’m giving away FOUR $100 gift cards!

In a nutshell, the NSale is where I get most of my closet staples. My favorite comfy stretchy jeans, best crazy comfy stretchy work pants, stretchy blazers, beautiful suede and leather moto jackets, and comfy booties, among many other things. These are items I’ve talked about for YEARS, ones you guys ask me about all the time, and things I think are worth full price but are even better on sale!

Catch my blog post from last week to:

  • see which favorite wardrobe items that come from this sale
  • read all the details about the NSale
  • and enter the giveaway!

Today I’m sharing my First Glance Favorites from the sale preview, along with some of my Tried & True items that I personally own and looooove that are part of this year’s sale. We can’t actually buy the items until the sale starts in August, but you can add them to your Wishlist!

Remember, if you want to shop the NSale earlier than others, sign up for a Nordstrom card HERE.  You get to shop at least 1 week before everyone else, and it really is worth it!


Stay updated with my NSale recs

Sign up for the PMT Email ListI’m here to do the heavy lifting for you!  I’ll pour through the items, find stuff that’s worth trying, and provide fit info to save you time.

For the NSale, you can get notified with two different levels of frequency:

  • New Blog Posts – Get emailed whenever there’s a new blog post full of NSale reviews.  I publish NSale blog posts 1-2x/wk during the sale.
  • *Special* Extra NSale Highlights Email List – Get special, additional highlights from the NSale so you don’t miss anything.  I only blog 1-2x/wk during the sale, but often times items sell out before I publish the next blog post.  This year, you can sign up to get additional NSale highlights between blog posts.  That way, if I find something awesome, you’ll know about it THAT DAY instead of 2-3 days later when it might already be sold out.
  • Sign up for either/both of those email lists HERE.

Bookmark the PMT Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Shopping Guide.  This ONE page will house ALL the items I try over the course of the sale.  It’s easier than sifting through multiple posts as the sale goes on!

Alright, here are some of my favorites from the preview.  Click through each one to add it to your Nordstrom Wishlist so you don’t miss it when the sale starts!

For today I’ll just do women’s items, and a short list of my favorite home and beauty items.


PMT Tried & True Favorites

Fall Casual Wear Highlights

Lounge & Activewear Highlights

Workwear Highlights


Remember, I’m giving away FOUR $100 Nordstrom Gift Cards!  All you have to do to enter is sign up for PMT Emails!

If you’re already subscribed, no need to do anything else.  You are automatically entered.

Four people will be chosen at random from the subscriber list.  One winner will be announced each day a new group is able to shop the sale: August 7th, August 10th, August 13th, and August 19th

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