Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2016 Highlights – Tops, Shoes, Jeans Under $50, Jackets, and Bags!

It’s TIMEEEEE for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!  I was originally only going to put like 12-15 highlights and do a more exhaustive post in a couple days.  BUT, there are quite a lot of things to check out!  So um, I’ve got around 50 to show you today.  Hopefully that’s not overwhelming, but after I post this I’m going to head to Nordstrom so I can actually review some of these pieces for you to narrow them down even more.
Remember though: If you are REALLY interested in something, just order it and don’t wait for my review because who knows when it’ll sell out.  Then return it later.  There’s free shipping both ways!  
See more of my tips for shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale HERE.
nordstrom anniversary sale 2016
Bootcut Jeans (size 8).  I’m normally size 6/8 and got these in 8.  I got them last December for full price, and they sold out.  They’re back…at least I THINK this is the exact same pair.  Same name for sure!  My pair is COMFY.  Like, they might as well be yoga pants.  They were already worth it at regular price, but now they’re on sale!

Pebbled Crossbody Bag.  See me wear it HERE.  Got this at last year’s NSale and it’s been a staple since.  It has a pebbled texture, which I LOVE in black.  Not sure about how I feel about it in tan.  I probably prefer my Sole Society smooth tan bucket bag (HERE).  But this in black is great!  And it’s really durable because it’s faux leather.  It sold out really fast last year!

HUE Leggings.  Wearing S.  I wear these so much that Benson told me I need another pair.  WELLP, since they’re on sale now…YESSSS.

Carry On Luggage Weekender Bag.  I have this in a stripe cotton and I kick myself often for not getting it in this cognac leather.  It’s beautiful!  And now it’s available in grey too!  Great weekender bag, and it’s even better marked down from $70 to $46!  For LUGGAGE?  Great deal!
nordstrom anniversary sale 2016 tops
Shop the Items:
(all items come in more colors)

Highlights and special notes:
The striped top–I’ve actually reviewed that before but as a plain white tee HERE.  I’m 5’6″ and normally S/M with a short torso, and Medium Petite fit me best since this top is rather long in regular size.  I reallyyyyyy liked it and questioned why I was returning it.  It’s available in 16 colors and some prints HERE.
Several of you said you wanted a blue/red plaid top like the one I got from the NSale last year.  I showed two above that are close!  Last year that top sold out FAST and never got restocked, not even through out the year like some other pieces do.  
The olive and blush tunics are very similar to the two tunics I have at various lengths (longer HERE, shorter HERE).  I’m curious to go in store to see why these are different.  What I can speak to is that the blush/mink color isn’t available in either of the others but is available for this NSale as shown above!
nordstrom anniversary sale 2016 shoes
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(if it’s starred* it comes in several colors)

Many of you have asked about my blush lace up flats (worn HERE) and the one shown above also comes in blush.  It’s been at Nordstrom for a while, and it’s actually what inspired me to get mine.  But the original price was too expensive for me.  They’re marked down now, and lots of people own this shoe and love it!  Find them HERE.  Also, check out the spotted version next to it HERE.  Adorable!  I imagine that one will go quickly.  I’ll find them in store to get sizing info for you.
That cutout bootie…oh man.  I’m definitely trying that one!
Riding Boot #1 is by Naturalizer and has been in the NSale the last 3 years at least, but with that year’s version each time.  I LOVE this riding boot, and every variation of it so far.  They’re comfortable and sturdy.  I usually don’t end up with them because the color is a little more brown and less of the red-cognac type–which is what I’m looking for.  But if you’re not as picky about color, I highly recommend checking out this boot HERE.  I’m normally 8.5/9 and 8.5 fits me.
Also note, Hunter boots are on sale!

nordstrom anniversary sale 2016 jackets
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(starred* items come in more colors)

SOOOOOO many great outerwear pieces here.  I don’t want to repeat what I wrote in the descriptions, but OHMIGOSH be still my utility jacket/vest loving heart!  I don’t NEED another utility jacket, but I think the waterfall ones are calling my name.  Plus, the Option #1 utility jacket (HERE) looks perfect!  If you don’t know, I write about cargo jackets OFTEN.  (Find them HERE.)  They are perfect for anyone, but especially for MOMS because they have huge pockets, are durable and can withstand sticky fingers, but totally pull your outfit together–even just a plain tee and jeans.  GET #1 BEFORE IT’S GONE IF YOU ARE LOOKING.
Knit Blazer – I have an older version of it.  It was my first ever NSale purchase.  SO COMFY.  It feels like a sweatshirt, but it looks soooo much more put together.  I talk about both the cargo/utility jacket AND the knit blazer HERE.  
Shop the Items:
Option 5  |  Option 6  |  Option 7  |  Option 8
A lot of you asked for jeans that weren’t expensive, so I whittled the lot down to the above.  I think all but 3 are under $50.  I didn’t even look at designer jeans because after getting that Caslon pair (reviewed HERE) for like $32 and them feeling like my Paige skinnies, I kinda felt like whyyyy am I looking at designer jeans?  
Almost all of the brands I showed above are tried and true by lots of Nordstrom shoppers.  I’ve tried some of these brands and they don’t always fit me perfectly, but hundreds of other people love them so I wanted to throw them out there for you.  The only brand I don’t know anything about is the olive skinny Option 6.  It’s super cheap, so I listed it, but I also listed Option 7 because though it’s more expensive it’s a brand that has more reviews and buyers.
Option 1 is another pair of Caslon jeans, BUT here’s the thing.  The Caslon pair I kept and loooove is different from a couple other pairs of Caslon jeans I’ve tried. The ones I own (HERE for details, but no longer available) are a little thicker and sturdier and definitely hold shape.  They are also ankle length at 29″ but perfect for my 5’6″ frame.  I tried another ankle-length Caslon pair in a lighter wash and they were the same.  BUT, I tried a full length 31″ Caslon pair that was a lot softer, possibly a little thinner but I don’t remember well, and not quite as tight or secure.  Just wanted to mention those differences I noticed because I don’t know how Option 1 above will be!  The softer one could work, but I just didn’t want you to think I was crazy if you get them and are surprised that they’re different based off my review of the other ankle pair.  
Shop the Items:
Tote  |  Wallet  |  Weekender

Lastly, bags!  My top 5 bags are from Nordstrom–and none of them are designer handbags.  They’re just sturdy, durable, and versatile for everyday.  I absolutely love them.  AND, especially when they’re on sale, they cost basically the same as Target bags (which was what my bag collection used to be made of) but those always broke on me.  Nordstrom bags at similar prices have endured longer, so check these out!
I loooove the little saddle crossbody!  

That’s it for today!  I didn’t even list the Zella leggings (HERE) in activewear yet.  I think they’re gonna go fast–yikes!  And I saw some beautiful tops that would be great for an office that I didn’t even list yet either!  
But for now, I’m going to brave going into the store to try some of these and get better reviews for you.  Let me know what you want to know about!  I’ll check my phone while in store and see what I can find to review for you!
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