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Happy Monday!
I thought I’d update you on some of my March Purchases.  I returned a few of the items, including the striped dress.  Though I loved it I had to come to grips with the fact that it wasn’t serving the purpose I wanted it to.  It didn’t go with as many of my completer pieces (cardigans, blazers, cropped jackets, etc.) so I went back on the hunt for a new one.
I *really* want a neutral striped dress.  Why?  No compelling reason except for the fact that I LOVE stripes.  Stripes are pretty much always “in” and they are interesting without being too in-your-face for me.  
Below are some of the dresses I found during my search and what I like about them:

Take a closer look by clicking on the links below:
1.  Loft   |   2.  The Walk-In Closet   |   3.  ELLE via Kohl’s   |   4.  Daisy Rae
5.  LC by Lauren Conrad    |    6.  Target   |   7.  ModCloth   |   8.  Sonoma via Kohl’s

1.  Loft (shop).  I love that this dress is easy but still has shape to it with the ruching at the bust and the elastic waist.  Perfect for spring and summer.
2.  The Walk-In Closet (shop).  I ordered this dress this weekend to try it out.  I’m hoping the seaming at the bust will help flatter a smaller bust.  Pleats on my hips are hit or miss, so I’m really hoping this one works!  
3.  ELLE via Kohl’s (shop) – also comes in green and red.  The whole search for a striped dress began because of a dress very much like this.  By the time I was ready to order the other dress it was sold out (DAHHH!).  Similar to the one above, I liked the seaming at the bust and hoped it would flatter a smaller bust.  According to someone that owned the original dress I wanted, it was true!  I think you can take off the red sash and wear it with a number of different colored belts, cardigans and shoes.
4.  Daisy Rae (shop).  I’ve loved this dress for a long time, but they’re out of my size now.  I love chevron, and the subtlety of these stripes and colors makes it really versatile.

5.  LC by Lauren Conrad (shop) – also comes in red.  I like both the red and grey version of this dress!  So cute.  I used this dress in Sophie’s Case Study, but I want one for myself!
6.  Target (shop).  This is the dress that I just returned.  It fits so well, but I don’t know what it was–it wasn’t working with my colored cardigans the way I’d hoped.
7.  ModCloth (shop).  I really love the gathering at the waist for this one, and I could imagine it working well for women with great curves.  I read through the reviews for this dress and though women of all sizes liked it a good handful of the women who loved this dress were size L-2X.  Might be worth checking out!
8.  Sonoma via Kohl’s (shop) – also comes in coral.  I am such a fan of maxis, but I don’t have many. This one is perfectly casual and neutral, and I think it would be great for day-to-day errands and weekend activities.  It looks so comfy!

Would you try any of these dresses?

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