Neon Trim

I’ve said before that I never got too into neon, though I’m open to small doses.  I happen to LOVE the tiny trim on these sleeves.  I don’t care that much about when something is trendy or if it’s still “in” or whatever, so I am freely rockin’ this neon trim!  I love the punch that this tiny detail provides.  What’s great is that the neon only extends to one cuff’s length, so you can unroll them or roll them up one more time to hide the neon when you ain’t feeling so flashy.  Quite clever.  If I could sew better I might add patches of colored or patterned fabric to other tops I own for the same effect.  
On another note, though my jeans might look black, they are a really, really, really dark rinse of blue.  And in case you’re wondering, I love them just as much as I did when I first raved about them, if not more.  They are even MORE comfortable and softer the more I wear them.  Bliss.
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