My Personal Casual Spring Wardrobe 🤩

Today I’m sharing my personal casual spring wardrobe! I was putting together my spring wardrobe list to make sure I had a good enough mixture of foundational + filler pieces, and the list came together so easily that I thought it’d be fun to share it!

This wardrobe list is for my day-to-day life, which is really casual, so it doesn’t meet all my needs. I have other clothes that aren’t shown here that I might use on occasion as needed, but this is kind of my “core” wardrobe that I pull from daily. Like I said, I mostly put this together just to make sure I have a good mix of foundational + filler items for everyday life and to identify any holes I want to fill. Given that, it’s not meant to be a list or template to use (though it can be if it suits your needs!) rather, I just thought it’d be fun to share and be of interest to some of you! (And because looking at my favorite clothes in a pretty graphic makes me happy! 😆😍)

Also, many of these are in stock, but some of them are pretty old and not available anymore. Sorry about that, but they’re included because they’re what I’ll be wearing! If the exact item isn’t available anymore, I linked to a similar option if one was available.

Alright, here’s my casual spring wardrobe!

Spring Mix and Match Wardrobe

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Random Thoughts

I’ll share a few random thoughts that came to mind. Just externally processing here, so bear with me as I ramble about my thought process regarding my wardrobe, haha! Of course, feel free to skip it!


What can I say? I just love yellow and dark orange. 😆 I’ve had a bigger array of colors in the past, especially in the spring, but over the years I’ve settled more and more into this general color scheme for my casual style. I encourage people to wear colors that make you feel good and feel confident, whether that comes from them being “your best colors” or simply because you like them or because they feel like the truest reflection of who you are. And, though I’ve had and do have pieces that are in other colors in my wardrobe, I just don’t wear them as much because they feel less “me.” Like I say, style should serve you, not the other way around! 😊 I would like to add a green or pink-ish piece or two, but I’m still looking for one that feels right for me. Until then, neutrals, yellow, and dark orange it is! 

On Buying Multiples

I have several pieces in multiple colors here, so as you can see, I am okay with buying multiples sometimes! 😆🤷🏻‍♀️ I mean, when you find something that fits you well and is comfortable, go with it, right? Haha! But, when I’m deciding whether or not to buy multiples, I do make myself think REALLY hard and realistically about whether I’d actually wear both of them equally or if I’d probably wear one over the other nearly every time. If it’s the latter, which it often is, I won’t buy an additional color. I’ve regretted buying multiples too many times, so I try to be disciplined and thoughtful when I do.


I mostly wear t-shirts and sweatshirts every day, so I have a collection of tees that have more details than plain, basic tees. They help me feel like I have some variety and can infuse a little more of my personality.

Nice Tops

I also included a few nice tops that I could wear on casual days, and they can be dressed up a bit. If I need to dress up more, I have other clothes I can choose from that aren’t shown here.

Completer Pieces & Sweatshirts

I have a ton of colored cardigans and other completer pieces, but I just included the ones that I wear the most in the spring. A utility jacket and denim jacket are my two most-worn casual jackets when it’s cooler, along with the two thicker jacket/coats shown here.

One lighter weight completer piece I’d like to add is that drapey bomber jacket that I shared in the recent packing list post.

For sweatshirts, I’m still loving those cropped ones from Gap that I shared in the fall (and should add the grey one but it didn’t fit nicely in the pic 😂). I also really like the graphic print one from my recent packing post.

Dresses & Skirts

I don’t wear skirts and dresses that often in the spring (more for summer), so I only have a few here for the random hot day or for later in the spring or transition to summer.


Included are some of my go-to jeans, which I’ve shared about in some recent posts, like the super comfortable Wit & Wisdom girlfriend jeans, the slim cut raw hem jeans, and a dark wash pair of skinny jeans (all with lots of stretch and elastic waistbands!). And then for more variety, l have a pair of black jeans and white jeans which are also soft and stretchy with elastic waistbands but are unfortunately no longer available. I also have the distressed pair of Gap jeans that I blogged about recently, which is the only pair of pants here that doesn’t have a stretchy waistband—GASP! I know, I know! I can hardly believe it myself! 😂 I just love the wash and distressing and find them so flattering and more secure feeling, especially from the backside.

I also have the white pair of Gap Cloud Light pants that I’ve shared about a few times. Those are great for the earlier parts of spring when it’s still cool, since they are fuzzy and cozy inside! I also have black wide leg pants and olive linen pants, which I probably won’t wear until the end of spring, closer to summer.

If you’re wondering, “Where are the leggings???” I 100% support wearing leggings (and that’s why I show a lot of leggings outfits here for you)! But personally, I mostly just wear them for active things nowadays. I find my jeans so comfortable that I opt for those or the Gap Cloud Light sweats most of the time!

Aaaand, that’s a wrap! I’m looking forward to wearing these more and more as the weather fully transitions to spring. Hope you enjoyed this one! 😊


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