Muted Neutrals & Statement Necklaces

Top: Banana Republic  |  Sweater: Old Navy  |  Grey skinnies: Gap Outlet  |  Boots: Dolce Vita via Macy’s (gift)
Bag: Old Navy  |  Necklace: World Market
Three trips, two weeks, five guest posts later, and I’m baaaack!  THANK YOU CaitlinRachelHaleyMerrick, and Jenni for some seriously fantastic guest posts.  To be honest, I felt the guest posts were so good that I didn’t know how to pick up from there and got a little insecure about posting today’s outfit.  But a while back I made a vow to myself to not shy away from posting an outfit based on insecurity or fear that it wasn’t “special” enough.  Because, really, who declares what is “special” and what isn’t?  So much of style is subjective!
Today’s outfit is what I ran errands in this weekend.  I liked all of the muted neutrals together, but I knew it was missing something.  There was just no focal point to the outfit, so adding a statement necklace did the trick.  Whenever I feel like an outfit is missing something, I either try to add a belt or a necklace to create a central focal piece for the outfit.  
Even though my colors matched the cloudy day, the tiny bits of turquoise/mint/yellow/gold put a pep in my step.  
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