Mint Craze

Tee: Target (similar)  |  Skirt: Forever 21 ( similar #1similar #2)  |  Belt: Forever 21  |  Wedges: Target (shop)  |  Necklace: World Market  |  Tote: (shop)

I try not to get into too many trends, but one trend I cannot get enough of is MINT!  Even though I recognize that it’s just pale green / maybe a light shade of celadon or sage, etc. with a hip trendy name like “mint” designed to trick us into thinking it’s fresh, I’m still all over it.  When I first noticed it a few months ago, I tried to control myself by only buying this tee and refraining from nail polish, jeans, and other mint accessories, but for whatever reason I decided that I’m gonna ride this trend!  Mint jeans in my last post…and today?  Mint & navy!  It just goes with so much.

How about you?  Are you into mint?  🙂

Also, I wanna highlight two Etsy shops who have mint(ish) necklaces that I looooooooove:

First up is from our dear sponsor Seek First.
Here’s a mint version!
Second is my necklace from Sunday’s outfit post from Eclectic Ornaments:
If you don’t recognize it, it’s basically a replica the Stormy Sea necklace from Anthropologie.  I love it every time Kendi wears it, which is a LOT!  Look out for a giveaway coming your way with this one!
While I do write sponsored posts sometimes, these shops did NOT ask me to advertise their items today.  This post was out of pure love for these items and for mint!
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