REVIEWS: Socks, tees, pants, and a pretty skirt + SALES: Memorial Day & Nordstrom Half Yearly

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This is a FANTASTIC time to take advantage of sales!  Both Memorial Day sales AND the Nordstrom Half Yearly sale are happening, which means you can score great, great, pieces for less.  Some of my favorite pieces and closet staples are on sale, which are highlighted below.

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And now a few more pieces that are also on sale.  I’ve tried on quite a number of clothes lately, mostly in an attempt to replace some of my old closet staples.  Be prepared to see a lot of t-shirts and even some socks, haha!  

Lace Tees – size 8
I’ve already been talking about these tees, but I wanted to give space for a fuller review.  A lace tee is one of my closet staples, and this one is amazing.  Not only does it have a super cute scallop hem with a tiny tiny tiny bit of fringe (so cute!), also with the exception of the sleeves, it’s fully lined.  And the back is lace too, whereas a lot of lace tees only have lace in the front.

It’s on sale for $34.50!  Given the scallop and fringe details, sturdiness of the material, and the full lining, it’s definitely worth more than that.

Reviews say it runs short, and that’s probably true for most people.  While I don’t quite fit petites most of the time, I have a shorter torso and regular tops are often long a little long on me.  I have size 8 and it’s 23.5″-24″ long from shoulder to hem.

Winnie Pant – size 8
Last month I told you about my quest for business casual appropriate pants HERE.  In that post I said I found a magical pair of trousers from Nordstrom that were comfortable and fit well, and I wish they came in more colors!  In preparation for an upcoming work trip I’ve been hoping to find a navy or grey pair of trousers as well.

First up is this Winnie Pant.  These are very stretchy, which is always a pro.  The material feels…okay.  It’s kind of thin, which is not necessarily a problem.  I think you can have thin material that feels good, but something about this material just feels okay.  Not bad, but not outstanding either.  The biggest problem is that after just a bit of wearing, the knees bag and everything just looks sloppy!  Even at the sale price I wouldn’t go for these.

Skimmer Pant – size 8
These fit much looser and stretched a tiny bit over time.  I would like to have tried a 6 as well.  If they were a little tighter on me I probably would have kept them.  The material feels more like chinos and they’re kind of lightweight, but they’re not stretchy like the Nordstrom pair or the pair above.  Overall, a decent pair of trousers.  Just wish they were a bit tighter on me!  They did wrinkle a bit as I sat around the house.  Nothing too crazy, but I find that the stretchier trousers don’t wrinkle.

Eyelet Skirt – size 6
I ordered this, hoping it’d be a lightweight cotton that could be worn very casually.  Well, it didn’t quite fit that bill, but it’s awesome nonetheless!  The material is thicker and sturdier than I thought it’d be.  It’s fully lined.  And the fit and length were perfect on me.  And, it HAS POCKETS.  I gasped out loud when I discovered them.  I never get tired of pockets in dresses and skirts.

But, here’s the problem–it isn’t what I was looking for in a skirt.  I don’t think I can wear this very casually.  I could wear it with a t-shirt for dressy casual, but I wanted a skirt I could wear to the zoo on a hot day and not feel overdressed.  This one is too nice for that!  It’s probably better for office attire or dressing up to a party.  I’ll have to check my budget to see if there’s room for a “splurge” (see my definition HERE) because that’s probably the category this falls into.

While I’m still deciding, I at least wanted to pass it along to you all.  It’s so cute!

NOTE: It’s more ivory than bright white.

Striped T-Shirt – size L
My short sleeved striped tee has a hole on it, so I’m looking for a replacement.  I wanted a thinner one that draped loosely, and this was not it.  This is pretty stretchy, so it holds its shape but doesn’t have that “drapey” effect.  It’s also too long on me.  Most importantly, the sleeves wing out kinda weird on me, so this is getting returned.

Ladder Striped Tee – size M
This top is super cute!  The material is thick and also stretchy, but not the drapey tee I was hoping for.  However, the structure makes for an easy casual business casual outfit, like with the Skimmer Pants I showed above and a pair of pumps.  It’s tempting to keep it, but given that I am tempted to keep the white eyelet skirt already, I need to exercise some discipline.  😀

NOTE: The “white” color is more of an oatmeal.

Striped Linen Dolman – Medium Petite
I liked the fit, but the linen was SO scratchy!  Reviewers don’t seem to complain about it and someone said it softens a little after washing.  But I’m wondering, “How MUCH is ‘a little’ softening?”  This thing needs to soften a LOT for me to be comfortable in it.  I also felt the material wouldn’t hold up very long so overall I didn’t feel it was worth it.  Such a shame, because otherwise it would have been great.

This was one of those cases where petite worked for me in terms of length.  I also tried the S regular, which seemed similar to MP.  Honestly, I didn’t do a close comparison between them because I just couldn’t get over the scratchy material.

Grey Tee
I talked about this already, but someone told me on IG that this color and lots, lots, lots more are available at Madewell’s site (HERE) and it’s on SALEEEE.  Super soft, fantastic heather grey color, and a great drape.

White Tee – Medium Petite
This tee is pretty expensive, even more expensive than the grey tee above.  Given that, it needed to be SUPER AWESOME for me to keep it.  This tee is on the longer side at 26″, so I ordered petite which is just 1 inch shorter at 25″.

I actually liked it a lot!  I especially liked that it has a u-neck line rather than a v-neck.  I also like its texture, which I’m blanking on the name for, but you can zoom in on the product page to see it.  It is very thin though.  I’m wearing a cami underneath in these pics.  Ultimately I didn’t keep it, but looking back at these pictures I don’t know WHY because I really like how it looks!  Kind of rethinking it now, haha!

Low Profile Socks
People have been asking if I wear socks with my white sneakers and the answer is YES.  I was wearing my husband’s Nice Laundry no-show socks (the special ones that were cut out for loafers–bottom left of THIS collage), but I finally found my own.

I’m wearing THESE which is quite pricey for a pair of socks IMO, even with the bundle price.  HOWEVER, I have tried several types of low profile socks that are less expensive and they NEVER stay on my feet.  These do!  Winners.  They’re good for both these slip on sneakers and ankle boots.

These come to the middle of my instep as a shoe size 8.5-9.  There is an even lower profile sock HERE that would be better for ballet flats.  They have even better reviews than the ones I’m wearing, but I haven’t tried them personally so I can’t say if they’d stay on your feet.

Coral Sandals – size 9
Um, please excuse my chipped and tired nail polish.  Haha yikes!  Anyway, I want a colored sandal for summer.  These are really cute online, and even in person, but I don’t think they’re quite what I’m looking for.  They’re also a little long on me, and Old Navy doesn’t carry half sizes.

Sometimes Old Navy shoes feel like crappy, plastic shoes, and other times they actually feel like “real” shoes.  🙂  I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of these shoes, though keep in mind it’s still an Old Navy shoe.  The straps are soft, and there is a tiny bit of padding in the footbed.

Good luck shopping the sales!

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