Top: Old Navy  |  Pants:  Kohl’s  |  Belt:  H&M  |  Pumps: Target

I wore this outfit yesterday, and I was feeling pretty good…minus having to walk a few blocks on uneven pavement in these not so comfortable heels and then accidentally biting into a jalepeno when I’m a lightweight in spicy foods.  That all faded though, especially when the colors of this outfit made me so happy.  I love the subdued shades of pink, mauve, tan and grey.  At least, I think these pants are mauve.  They look more faded and lighter in person.  What is mauve, anyway?  When I think of mauve I get confused–the same way I get confused trying to figure out what spam is.  Mauve = Spam to me.
Anyway, I think I’m finally watching Bridesmaids tonight.  I know, it’s long overdue, so I’m excited.  What are you guys up to this weekend?
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