Life Lessons From a Humble Outfit

Top: H&M (shop similar: one, two)  |  Jeggings: New York & Company (similar)  |  Booties: Target (shop similar: one, two, three)  |  Necklace: Nordstrom  |  Bag: eBags (shop)

I wanted to recreate this pin, but I was getting all bent out of shape about how my striped tee wasn’t as baggy as hers and a bunch of other nonsense.  I kept trying to justify buying another striped tee, a baggier one.  But just like I mentioned in my post about shopping mistakes, I forced myself to snap out of it and not fall victim to the temptation to buy something just to recreate a pin.  I convinced myself that even though I didn’t recreate the pin the way I wanted to, I could still enjoy my outfit.  And I did!

It’s silly how we can get so fixed on how something doesn’t look the way we wanted it to that we fail to see and appreciate the beauty in what has taken shape instead.  And this is true for all of life, not just outfits, isn’t it?  It’s easy to wish our job/family/house/etc. situations looked differently (or little things, like wishing it were fall instead of 85 degrees still!)  But instead of focusing on the things that are not, I have to remind myself to recognize the beauty in the things that are, right here, right now.  Just because something doesn’t look how you’d hoped doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate what has taken shape instead.  Annnd, that is totally not where I thought I was going with this outfit post, but there is today’s life lesson from a humble outfit.  Happy Tuesday.  🙂

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