Lazy = Winning + Giveaway Winner

Dress: Target  |  Denim jacket: Forever 21  |  Flats: Old Navy

I like to keep a few things in my car.  For example, sometimes when I get home, I just don’t feel like bothering to carry my jacket out of the car.  While may husband might say it’s because I’m lazy, I like to think of it as planning ahead.  Like, on Friday I wore this outfit because my iPhone weather app duped me into thinking it’d be 80 degrees when, really, it was about 57.  Seeing as how I was going to be out for 12 hours, I spent the day regretting my wardrobe choices and more so regretting the fact that the blasted weather app had tricked me once again.  When the even chillier night air kicked in, I went to fetch something in my trunk, only to discover that I had a jacket and boots lying there from a day when I was lazy planning ahead.  Winning!

Speaking of winning, (sooo cheesy and not intentional)
… the winner of the Montana Snow Vintage Giveaway is:
Congrats, Lindsey.  Email me to get your prize!
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