Layering Secrets

I’m sooooo glad to be back from St. Louis.  The conference itself was awesome, but the night I flew back our plane circled the San Diego airport for nearly 30 minutes unable to land due to fog.  Finally, they said, “We can’t land in San Diego, so we’re going to LA.  We’ll touch down in 25 min.”  This was at 10:45pm, and the LA airport is a 2.5 hour drive from San Diego.  I was NOT a happy camper.  
Needless to say, I’m so so so so glad to be back.  I’m also glad to not be sick–I was sick the entire week before the conference.  Sick + travel = bad blogging (and life) mojo for 2 weeks.  
I’m nearly sweating just looking at this outfit.  It’s an 80 degree week here (ridiculous!) but I wore this in Northern California to see my sister in a production of A Christmas Carol over the holidays.  With temps in the 30s, I layered this dress with two of my favorite pieces to layer with: a thin HEATTECH from Uniqlo and fleece-lined tights.  If you don’t have pieces similar to either of these, I highly recommend them!
Links to Shop:
1.  Forever 21  |  2.  Forever 21  |  3.  Forever 21
4.  Target  |  5.  Target  |  6.  Kohl’s
Links to Shop:
1.  Target  |  2.  Target
3.  Old Navy  |  4.  Old Navy

Shop for the Look:
Dress: Target (similar, similar, similar)
Jacket: c/o SheInside (similar, similar, similar)
Scarf: Target (similar, similar)
Tights: Bare Necessities (similar–JCPenney)
Shoes: Kohl’s (similar, similar)

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