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A lot of people ask me how I organize my closet.  My closet at home is organized, but the real “magic” happens for me in Go Chic or Go Home.  You can read about ways I use it in this post and this post.  It totally helps me know what’s in my closet, and I often say that the more I use GCOGH the less I care to shop.  Still true!

My current favorite way to use GCOGH is whenever I see an outfit that I like, instead of pinning it I go straight to my GCOGH ensemble creator and create the outfit with my own clothes and save for later.  Every week I open up my GCOGH Ensembles and choose which outfits I’ll wear.  Looooooove.

It’s completely free, nothing ever to purchase.  In fact, you actually GET REWARDS (read: gift cards to stores) for using it more, so why wouldn’t you use it?

P.S. Check out their Facebook page–they give away free stuff like $50 gift cards to any retailer GCOGH works with–like J.Crew and ASOS to name a couple!

Tip: If uploading pics of all your clothes seems overwhelming, start with just 5.  I did 5 every couple days and got addicted and had 90% of my closet up in no time.

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Shannon Heart’s is a blog about personal style, fashion, photography, travels and all the beautiful things that inspire her along the way.  Her blog is lighthearted and fun.  She is a California girl who loves cappuccinos, nail polish, Mad Men and maple syrup.  
Check out some of her beautiful outfits below and say hello!

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Remember Datevitation from the recent giveaway?  (Still time to enter!)  Datevitation is the web’s first online platform to create a custom love coupon book.  Unlike the pre-packaged love coupon books on the market, you pick the dates and can customize the text to your liking.  They’ve got over 200 date ideas to suit any occasion!  And you don’t even have to use it for a significant other–some of these are great to do with your mom or your friend too!
Get $10 for any orders in January (just in time for Valentine’s Day) with code: METOGETHER

Daisy Rae is an online boutique with unique pieces that help you look chic without breaking the bank.  Owner Kacie Ellis works hard to provide great pieces for under $50.  
Items to check out:

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Eliza & Ro is a label of handmade scarves, jewelry, clutches, and accessories based in Northern California. Each item is an original design created and crafted lovingly by hand using new and vintage materials.  
From shop owner Rose: I have been sewing and creating since I can remember, apprenticed by my artist mother. My love affair with fabric, design, and textures that began at a young age still flourishes today through Eliza & Ro.  My hope is that Eliza & Ro can help women to feel more confident in their style with the right accessories.

Items to check out:
Discount code: PMT15 for 15% off!

Merrick is the bomb dot com, and she’s a whiz with a sewing machine.  You wanna learn to make the most of your wardrobe?  How about taking a lesson from her in refashioning garments!  Plus, she dresses so dang cute, and while we’re at it, her kids are dang cute too.  Follow along at Merrick’s Art

Happy web surfing!  If you get a chance, tell me what you’re eyeing from these sponsors!

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