It’s the Little Things

You know, at first I wasn’t into the bell sleeve trend, but then I saw tops like this one with the smaller, “baby” or “beginner” kinds of bell sleeves, and I might be a little hooked.  Well, hooked on the baby bell sleeves, at least.  They’re such a cute little detail for an otherwise pretty basic top!

I wore this for a conference last month for which I wanted to be comfortable since I was going to be with Addie too, yet I also wanted look a *tad* nicer given the conference setting.  These are some of my most comfortable jeans, and this top is super soft and stretchy.  All I had to do was add a statement necklace and throw on flats, and it was perfect!  Since then, it’s become a great go-to outfit for any day I want to look a bit more polished yet still be casual and comfortable.

Even though this top is just as soft as a regular cotton t-shirt (maybe softer, actually!), I think tiny details like the bell sleeves help take it up a notch.  They help outfits look a bit more sophisticated while still being super comfortable.  It’s wonderful!  (It’s all illustrated much better in a past post called “Shabby to Chic: Buying the Right Pieces” which can be found HERE.)

Below are more options with details that have a similar effect, and they’re all below $50.  

Links to Shop:
one  |  two  |  three
four  |  five  |  six

Shop for the Look:
Top: Nordstrom (exact–wearing size S)
Jeans: Old Navy (exact–my review HERE)
Shoes: Old Navy (exact, similar, similar)
Necklace: J.Crew Factory (exact)
Bag: Nordstrom (similarsimilar, similar)

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