Inspiration: Hair (Eeeek!)

Truth: I’m terrified of this week’s style challenge!  That’s why I made it a challenge, but I NEEEEEED your guys’ camaraderie.  PLEASE TELL ME YOU’RE GONNA TRY THIS TOO. #begging #prettyprettyplease
I like to not think about my hair at all.  I had hair down to my waist for most of my life and didn’t do anything to it.  I didn’t need to do anything to it.  I didn’t even condition it until I got to college and my roommate was like, “You don’t condition your hair?” (The hair that was down to my waist!)  Nope, didn’t need to because it didn’t really tangle.  
Then for the last several years I’ve had shoulder length hair and only needed to wash and blow dry it–a 20 minute process total.  But, I haven’t cut it since maybe like 7 months ago.  I’m constantly back and forth about whether to grow it out again or to cut it back to a nice sharp a-line bob, and the main deciding factor?  Which one is more conducive to staying out of my face.  And maybe not having to wash my hair everyday.  
That’s one reason I’ve been curling my hair so often lately.  Not really for two-day hair, because it actually takes as long for me to curl it as it does to wash and blow dry, but to keep it out of my face.  Especially with my bangs growing out now!
If I can find a hairstyle that takes less than 20 minutes for second day hair, I’ll be a super duper happy camper.  I’m thinking a cute ponytail with braids of some sort.  Seems fairly easy, but still enough of a challenge for me!   
These ladies make hair look easy and fun, so here’s some inspiration for ya:

Find the rest of the challenges for the month HERE.  Use #PMTstylechallenge on Instagram and/or linkup here on Thursday!
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