Dress: Banana Republic  |  Jacket: Forever 21 (shop)  |  Boots: Dolce Vita via Macy’s  |  Brown tights: Old Navy

Question time!  How long does it typically take you to decide that you’re going to get rid of something in your closet?  Every week or so my husband names a handful of items that he’s planning to rid his closet of, and it seems like he decides it all in 30 seconds.  His minimalist tendencies keep his closet pretty trim already, so sometimes I worry that he’ll very soon have no clothes.  
Wearing this dress made me ask the question because I was (and maybe still am) <–this–> close to getting rid of this dress because this shade of red isn’t my favorite for me.  I think it looks fine, but it’s not something I’m itching to wear everyday and therefore don’t know if it should be in my closet.  But thanks to some previous bad shopping habits I bought TWO dresses in this color family a few years ago.  (Darn you, sales!)  I’m all for purging things from my closet, but I take much longer than 30 seconds to decide it.  The hardest is when it’s something that’s still in great condition and well made but that I just don’t reach for in my closet.  Maybe if I had a little online store to sell pieces like this and know they’ll land in good hands it will cut down my indecision.  Maybe?  Maybe someday.
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