7 Resources for Fall Style + 4 Packing Posts for Fall Trips

Ahhhhh Blogger ate this post from earlier today, so I’m rewriting the whole thing!

My busy season at work is finally wrapping up, and I’m heading into a temporary shift in my role at work for the next 6 months–I’ll post on that later.

For now I want to point you to some resources I’ve written in the past with fall styling tips, a few popular remixes, and all of my past fall packing posts.  I’m working on a new fall packing post for this year, aiming to get it up around Nov 11th.  If you can’t wait until then, check out all the other ones below.  I recently updated last year’s 2015 packing post with current shopping links since many of the items are back in stores this year!  See it HERE.

On Instagram I’ve been getting asked the same few questions and pointing people to these posts.  The most popular questions are, “How do you roll up your sleeves without getting them all bunched up and weird looking?” and, “I just got some ankle boots!  When I wear them with jeans, do I cuff them?”  If you have similar questions, you can find the answers below!

Also, you can find all of these in the menu bar above.  You can find ALL One Piece Many Ways posts HERE and all style tip posts HERE.

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How to Roll Up Sleeves With a Sweater

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