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Can we try something new?  There have been a few things I’ve wanted info on and thought some of you might have great advice to give.  Like, a while ago when I posted about designer jeans you guys had some really helpful things to say!

I’m hoping today’s post will be a sort of forum where interested readers and I can glean from those of you who have more experience in this area: WATCHES!  
Growing up I wore a watch as if it were glued to my wrist.  I wore it so much that I developed a watch tan so good you would have thought I was wearing a white watch.  (I know you’re jealous of my stylish watch tan, but what you should really be jealous of is my dope sock tan!)

Thanks to a gift from Daniel Wellington I’ve gotten *really* addicted to having a watch again.  I often wear my black DW watch even though it doesn’t go with my outfits–haha!–because I’m a little compulsive about knowing the time.  
Now I’m looking at a BUNCH of watches, mostly gold watches like THESE and ones with leather bands in more colors like THESE.  
Questions – Help a Sister Out!
But first, I have some questions.  Hence the “forum” aspect.  I haven’t worn watches since I was a kid/teenager and therefore don’t know if there are features, whether regarding design or function, that I should pay attention to.  
  • Overall, how do you decide on which watch to get?  I’m looking into a gold one AND a non-black leather one, since my DW watch is black leather.  
  • Are there functions or features to look out for, or do you have advice when inspecting quality?
  • Anything I should know about the size of watch faces?  How big or small is TOO big or small that it will look awkward on your wrist?  I tend to like medium/larger faced watches.  What’s your preference and WHY?
  • What is a typical amount you pay for watch resizing?  I called two places yesterday, and one said $7-8 while the other said from $10-20.  What’s your average?
Or is it really as simple as every watch is basically the same, just choose a design you like?  They’re just sort of big purchases, so I want to be more informed as I make decisions!  

Links to Shop:
one  |  two  |  three  |  four
five  |  six  |  seven
Here are a few watches I’ve been looking at.  My mom never knows what to get me for gifts and somehow tries to buy me an iPad every year, even though I don’t feel like I need one.  I think one of these watches would be fantastic instead.  I’m also going to receive a Shopbop gift card to review their shopping experience/service, so my first thought was to put it towards a new watch.  
I’d love to hear any advice you have, your own experience with watches, or any questions you have that someone else might be able to answer!  
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