How Style Foundations Make Style WAY Easier

The Cycle of Closet Frustration

Hey there!  During the last few weeks, I’ve been sharing peeks of what it’s like inside of my online style course Simply Put Together.

And BTW, Simply Put Together is OPEN FOR ENROLLMENT for just a few more days!

But, before we get to all that, whether you’re interested in Simply Put Together or not, I want to share one thing that will help you on your style journey.

Let me start by asking you:

Do you have a wardrobe full of pieces you absolutely LOVE?  Is it EASY for you to put together great outfits from it?  Do you love what you wear each day?

Most women I’ve talked to would answer “no” to these questions.  But, why?

It’s not for lack of effort.  They’re reading style blogs.  They’re trying different style tips.  They’re drawing inspiration from outfits they’ve pinned on Pinterest.  They’re using Outfit Guides.

And they’ve seen some success.  They finally have a few pieces they like.  They’ve been able to put together a few cute outfits.  They’ve gotten compliments!

But over time, they’re still not fully happy with their wardrobes.

After a few weeks or months, they go back to being frustrated or bored with their closets.  This is what I call the cycle of closet frustration.

And even though they are able to put together a few cute outfits, they still feel like they’re guessing when they have to do it themselves.

On top of that–trying to put together an entire wardrobe themselves?  Forget about it!

Perhaps you can relate to this.  Can you?

My mission with PMT is to help you love your closet and make it EASY for you to feel put together everyday.

But, I’ve seen women fall in the cycle of closet frustration over and over again.

No matter how many style tips I share, no matter how many One Piece Many Ways posts someone’s read, no matter how many Outfit Guides someone’s bought, and despite the fact that at one point they were really excited about the new outfits they were able to create–eventually, they come back to feeling bored or like their wardrobe is lacking.

And they don’t know how to get out of it.

The Cycle of Closet Frustration

So they go back into that cycle of, “If I just learn one more style tip, I’ll like my closet more!”

Or, “If I just learn how to remix my clothes and get better at using what I’ve got, I’ll get there!”

Well friend, I’ve got a truth bomb to share with you.

You know I love sharing style tips and I’m obsessed with being able to wear one piece multiple ways. 

BUT, here’s the truth bomb: if you are often in the cycle of closet frustration, style tips and learning another way to wear clothes (i.e. learning to remix) are NOT the answers to your problem.

If you are often in the cycle of closet frustration, the problem is not that you need to learn to wear a piece more than one way.

The problem is actually that you don’t have strong Style Foundations.

Style Foundations are the building blocks of great style.  With style, there are some key foundational concepts, and once you know them, style becomes easy and effortless.

The problem though, is that most women don’t work on the foundations.  Actually, most women don’t even know there ARE foundations to learn.  That’s why we spend so much time learning whatever random tips we come across, hoping they solve our closet frustration once and for all.

But, they don’t!

Learning style tips and how to wear clothes multiple ways is not bad.  That’s not what I’m saying.  Obviously I love those and think they’re helpful.

What I AM saying is that they won’t solve the problem of closet frustration if your Style Foundations aren’t strong first.

It’s like doing paint touch-ups on a house that has a bad foundation, bad plumbing, or a bad framework.  The touch-ups make the house look pretty for a little bit, but long-term, a bad foundation shows itself eventually.  AND, it creates problems over and over again–the same way you get into a cycle of closet frustration over and over again.  

So, with your style, until your style foundation is strong, you could spend years collecting style tips that work temporarily, but don’t fully fix the problem. 

Once you learn the foundations of style, great style becomes really clear and really easy.

Style Foundations Necessary for Easy Style

This is WHY I created Simply Put TogetherWhen I talk to women about their wardrobe frustrations, the real, heart-of-the-issue answers almost always point back to Style Foundations.

When you don’t know Style Foundations, you:

  • don’t know WHY things work or don’t work — so you’re always guessing
  • try something and it doesn’t look right, but you don’t know how to fix it
  • find it difficult to find clothes that work for you
  • don’t feel your best in your outfits
  • have a closet full of clothes you mostly don’t wear

When you’ve got solid Style Foundations, you:

  • know exactly what process to go through to build a wardrobe you *actually* love
  • know how to put those pieces together into great outfits
  • become style-empowered and know how to do it on your own

Women say things to me like this:

  • “I have no idea how to put together an outfit”
  • “I buy so many things that I don’t use”
  • “I’m clueless when I go shopping so I just grab what’s on sale or looks good, but I don’t know how to mix and match them”
  • “I have tons of clothes but I like to be comfortable so I never wear them, and I just look frumpy instead”
  • “My body changed and I don’t know how to dress it”
  • “My torso is short and I can never find tops that are short enough”
  • “My shoulders are broad, so it’s hard to find things that fit”
  • “My biggest challenge is finding clothes for my petite frame”
  • “I don’t know what my style is so my closet is a mismatch of a bunch of random stuff”

Friends, all of these–and more–are answered when you know your Style Foundations!

And it’s these types of questions that I wanted to answer by creating Simply Put Together.  I designed it as step-by-step system so that you will:

  • buy the RIGHT things that you’ll ACTUALLY wear AND feel stylish in–even if your lifestyle is super casual and you like to be comfortable (based on your Lifestyle, Style Type, Colors, Body Shape, and more)
  • know how to dress your Body Shape
  • learn how to find pieces that fit your petite frame, short torso, broad shoulders, and all those types of fit problems
  • know the foundational concepts and style framework to putting together outfits

It’s packed FULL of the Style Foundations that will help you get out of the cycle of closet frustration, know how to build a wardrobe that you will actually wear, and know what the heck you’re doing when it comes to style.

When you finally nail down your Style Foundations, it makes life SO MUCH EASIER!

If you want style to become simple and straightforward, I want to invite you to check out Simply Put Together, which is finally open again for enrollment until Tuesday, Oct 6th at 2:59pm Pacific Time!

Click HERE to learn all about it & see all the details about the training lessons and what you get when you join the course!

Here’s what other women who’ve gone through Simply Put Together are saying:

This could be YOU!  If you’ve wanted style to be EASY, it can absolutely happen.  And I want to help you get there!  Check out Simply Put Together and let’s do this! 💛

Also, I’m offering a special BONUS!  If you register by Saturday 10/3, you’ll receive a free guide where I share 7 Tips for Shopping Online to make it easier and more convenient for you!  It’ll be emailed to you on 10/4.

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